The CEO's Woman

Chapter 18 Silence

Chapter 18 Silence

Wang Guiren was livid. He is furiously staring at the man across him.

While the heir to the Fu Conglomerate is sitting across him elegantly sipping his tea. Fu Jin smiled at the old man.

"I won't force her if she doesn't want to marry me. But at least give me three years to woo her." Fu Jin calmly said while looking at the old man sincerely. " I don't want her to know any of this. I am just here to ask you not to set any engagement for your granddaughter in the next three years. I don't think that's a bad deal. After all, she is still young." He continued.

Wang Guiren was gritting his teeth in anger. His granddaughter is only 17 years old. And this hateful man is already sitting his eyes on her. The most detestable thing is he can't really do anything to this man because of his background.

"I don't have a say to my granddaughter's marriage. I won't stop her to marry whoever she likes." He is telling the truth. He doesn't want his granddaughter to suffer. He already made the wrong decision when he let Wang Rou married Jiang Chanming. He won't let that happen again.

"I understand." Fu Jin stood up "You don't have to send me out." He said as he walked himself out of the room. Leaving both the Wang father and son speechless.

"How did Jiang Yue provoke someone like him?" Wang Hou broke the silence after he made sure that Fu Jin already left the house.

"I don't have any idea. Go… call Jiang Yue I will send her back abroad."

"Father listen. The Fu family's influence is not just in this country. Remember, they have been running around the world even before you were born. I don't think hiding Jiang Yue will help." Wang Hou asserted.

Wang Hou's statement made old man Wang think harder. His son is right. He could not just hide his granddaughter. The Fu family is not a family to offend. Their roots run deep. He let out a long sigh as his shoulders slumped.

"Then what do you suggest we do?" He asked his son.

"Let it be. Let Jiang Yue handle it. Trust her. She had been through a lot and she is a strong girl. We should stop treating her like a little girl. We need to let her grow on her own." Wang Hou advised his father. "Also, I don't think it will be that easy to woo your granddaughter." he added.

"Speaking of that lass, I haven't seen her for a week now. Do you know what she had been up to?" Wang Guiren inquired.

"She asked Minghua to gather some people for her. She is busy with the upcoming national exams but I heard she is planning to create her own team. Though, I am not very clear of the purpose."

"Let her be. Don't interfere. You are right. We need her to grow so she can take over the business. I want her and Minghua to manage the group hand in hand." Wang Guiren said glumly. It seems that they need to stop treating Jiang Yue like a little girl. She will turn 18 in the next few months. As much as he wants to pamper her, He can't deny the fact that Jiang Yue still needed to establish herself in this tough world. And she can't do that with his intervention.

"After the examinations, I want her to start associating herself with the company." He added. His face solemn.

"Yes, father." Wang Hou concurred.

Jiang Yue, on the other hand, is not aware that a certain someone already implanted himself shamelessly into his family to ask for her hand.

Today is Monday. The first day of the week. Jiang Yue is on her way to the school. She is on her laptop trying to write another series of code for a software that she is planning to give her grandfather.

She just ended a call with Wang Minghua. Her cousin sure is competent. In less than five days, he was able to find some people who fit Jiang Yue's standards. He already sent the file to her email but she was not in a hurry to look at it.

Jiang Yue was about to finish coding the program when she suddenly heard a screeching sound and a big explosion. She barely had time to scream before something knocked her back then sideways. The car spun then tumbled before it went to a stop.

She can taste something metallic, coppery liquid pooling into in her mouth. Grazing her teeth, soaking her tongue. She tried to open her eyes. To no avail. Then she let out a gasped.


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