The CEO's Woman

Chapter 19 It's you?

Chapter 19 It“s you?

The moment darkness overtakes her consciousness, she immediately assumed she was dead. But she kept waking and fading.

Waking and fading.

She heard a buzzing noise, then some muffled voices.

Then Silence. She hated the silence more than the pain or the sounds of her bones breaking. No. She doesn't want the silence.

She wondered what happened. Why is she experiencing this silence? Then her head throbbed as memories came flowing.

They got into a car accident. She remembered the deafening sound of metal banging. She remembered being smashed by a tiny box, or maybe that was her laptop. She remembered the flames and the smoke. Gray smoke. Then she heard another explosion.

Then Silence...she can't remember anything. Her memories keep flickering like a light with a damaged switch.

Is she dying? Must the world be so cruel? She died in a car crash in her previous life. Is she going to die like this again?

She tried to concentrate. Still, she felt trapped. Then she can hear voices. Shouting. Sobbing.

"What is wrong with her? You said she will wake up in 24 hours!?"

She heard someone shouting. Panicking. Sobbing. She wondered who owns that voice. He sounded so worried. Who could be so worried?

"Calm down. You have to calm down. She is a strong girl."

Is that her uncle? How about his grandfather? He must have been so worried.

"Minghua take him outside."

"NO! I will stay here. I will not leave her like this!"

"Idiot! Will your presence help her?" She heard her cousin's voice. Then she heard someone crying.

Who are they talking to? Who is he? Why is he crying? She badly wanted to open her eyes and see. She wanted to know.

She tried to gather her senses again.


Still nothing.

Then her consciousness flickered again.

"So someone planned it?"

"Seems like it."

"Do you have any idea who would want her dead?"

The voices came as whispers but she can hear them clearly. She wanted to ask. She wanted to know. She wanted to listen. But the voices faded as quickly as it came.

Does someone want her dead? She wondered who might that be. Did she offend anyone? But she had been avoiding everyone from her past life except her maternal family. Who would want her dead?

She heard another buzzing sound before it all faded.

"Did you suppress the news?"

"Yes. I did."

"I don't want her father to know. I have a bad feeling about all this."

Then there's another silence.

A deafening silence.

And that's when she heard it again.

She heard someone sobbing. Begging for her to wake up.

"I'm sorry. Please wake up. You can't leave me like this again. You can't…"

She heard the same melancholic voice again. His voice is soft, almost fragile, so hollow and lost. He didn't sound like himself. She wondered what he used to sound like.

She could hear it. The grief. A dull pang, as if his heart was stuck in his throat. Jiang Yue felt like she had seen this scene before.

For some reason, she wanted to comfort him. She wanted to reach out. Caress him. Console him.

"It's more than 24 hours! Do you still want your jobs? YOU SAID SHE WILL WAKE UP!"

"Young Master please calm down."

"Let go of me!"

He sounded so angry. Why would he be angry? The scene is so familiar. It was as if she had witnessed this before. Did it happen in her past life?

She didn't remember anyone like this in her past life. She tried to access her memories. She wanted to remember. She feels like she needed to remember.

His presence alone puzzled her. He seemed to know her. Or else, why would he grieve?

His voice seems so familiar and unfamiliar at the same time.

Her consciousness faded again. She felt weird. As if she is floating.

Is this it? Is she going to die now?

Then she can feel it. She can sense it. The light. Her senses are slowly coming back.

She felt it. The coldness, the dull pain in her shoulders. She slowly opens her eyes and analyzes her environment. She seems to be in a hospital. She blinks, closed her eyes, then blink again.

After a few moments, she moved her gaze to the person sitting beside her bed. He just sat there staring blankly at the wall.

Feeling her gaze, he turns his head and their gazes locked.

"It's you?" She gasped.

He gives her a soft smile. His eyes sparkling from immense joy. "It's me."

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