The CEO's Woman

Chapter 20 Motives

Chapter 20 Motives

Silence enfolds the area as everyone waited for the doctor to say something.

Jiang Yue is staring at Fu Jin. Her eyes full of questions. She wanted to know why this guy is here.

Fu Jin seemed uncomfortable from her gaze. He clenched his jaws and stare at the doctor. Trying to shake off his uneasy heart.

"Her vitals are all good. You can check her out of the hospital as soon as she is ready." The doctor said before stepping out to give the family members the room to themselves.

After the doctor left, the environment becomes even weirder.

"Why are you here?" Jiang Yue broke the silence as she continues to glare at Fu Jin.

Fu Jin didn't say anything he just fixed his gaze into her.

"Grandfather, why did you let this man get close to me? He is an impostor." Jiang Yue chided. "He is pretending to be Young Master Fu from the Fu family, you couldn't have fallen into his tricks…" She stopped speaking as she fixed her gaze into her grandfather.

"Unless...unless he is Young Master Fu?" She finished her own sentence. Her eyes wide from the sudden realization. This is wrong. Young Master Fu is a sickly young man. Why would he approach her at the museum? More importantly, why would he stay with her in the hospital?

"Fu Jin, go home, I will take care of this." His uncle said. Imploring Fu Jin to leave. Even Wang Hou is not clear about the situation. He has no idea how to explain to Jiang Yue about Fu Jin's presence.

They couldn't just say that Fu Jin already asked her grandfather to marry her? Could they? Jiang Yue seemed to think Fu Jin is impersonating himself. Does that mean that Jiang Yue didn't know Fu Jin before? Then why would he want to marry someone he doesn't know?

Fu Jin didn't say anything. He understood Wang Hou. He just nodded then he gives Jiang Yue another glance before strutting his way out of the room.

"So? Can someone tell me why Young Master Fu is here alone with me? Crying? While I'm unconscious?" Her question startled everyone in the room. Sensing the questions in their minds Jiang Yue smiled and rolled her eyes.

"Yeah. I heard you. Even when I'm unconscious, I heard all of you. Including him." She acknowledges what everyone was thinking.

"Fu Jin came to talk to me and your uncle last weekend." Her grandfather started. "He asked us not to set any engagement for you. At least for the next three years." He didn't mention the fact of Fu Jin asking to marry Jiang Yue. He didn't want her granddaughter to know that. Not now.

"Engagement? Why would he do that? We only met once." Jiang Yue furrowed her brows in confusion. Young Master Fu asking a thing like that after their first meeting seems… unreasonable. That is the only word that she can use to describe this situation.

"He won't say" Her grandfather answered.

"And did you agree?" She asked.

"I don't see any reason why I should disagree. You are still so young anyway."

Jiang Yue is astounded. She couldn't seem to understand why a guy like Fu Jin wastes his time meddling about her marriage. Not that she is mad about it. She even felt it was a good thing. Maybe she will thank the guy later.

She heard someone knock and the door was opened from the outside.

"Master, the Jiang's just arrived and they want to see the young miss." She heard Wang Bolin's voice. She felt comforted seeing him. She thought something terrible must have happened to him. She looked at Wang Bolin and saw some bandages in his head. She hoped he only received small injuries.

Wang Guiren let out a sigh as he tears his gaze away from his granddaughter. "Let them in." Someone must have leaked the news to the Jiang's. He made a mental note and promised to take care of this leakage soon.

"This is not over." Jiang Yue grumbled at her grandfather. She couldn't help but feel irritated with the timing of this people.

"Jiang Yue. Oh, Thank God you're fine! You made us worried!" Lu Shi's high pitched voice immediately got into Jiang Yue's nerves as she wailed and approached her.

Jiang Yue looked at the family of three who just entered the room. She gave them a half baked smile only to freeze when she realized that Yu Chen came with them.

Lu Shi's started sobbing while she holds Jiang Yue's hands patting it like her true mother. Jiang Yue, on the other hand, can't help but feel disgusted by such actions. If she didn't hear Lu Shi say such venomous words in her previous life, then she might have believed her now. Lu Shi is such an impressive actress. It irritates her.

"You have to come back to the house to have your mother or Jiang Mian take care of you." Jiang Chanming asserted while giving her a stern look trying to establish his dominance. They need to take every opportunity they could get to be close to her. Especially Jiang Mian.

"Jiejie father is right. You have to come back or you can let me stay with you for a few days at your house until you get better." Jiang Mian asserted. She can't seem to hide the happiness in her voice. In fact, she is very happy, to say the least. She really can't wait to get 'close' to her sister.

"Junior Jiang I also think that your father is very reasonable. You should come back and live with the people who can take care of you." Yu Chen couldn't help but say something and help convince Jiang Yue to live with her parents. After all, he needed to get close to her. And, her living with the Jiang's will make it easier.

Plus, he already spoke to Jiang Mian about his plan. And to his surprised she already gave him her permission to court her older sister. He is happy that Jiang Mian understood his situation.

Jiang Yue's head couldn't help but ache while looking at these people. They just came in without even asking how she is. They even want her to move back to the Jiang's. Did these people really see her as someone so dumb and easy to manipulate?

She can't help but give them a disgusted look which she quickly masked with a blank face. These people have their own motive for inviting her back. She can't help but think about what she heard. Her accident was planned. If anyone of these people planned that accident then… She will make sure to reciprocate.

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