The CEO's Woman

Chapter 21 Beat the Grass to Startle the Snake

Chapter 21 Beat the Grass to Startle the Snake

Jiang Chanming can't help but feel anxious while staring at Jiang Yue. He doesn't have any idea about the person who orchestrated the accident but he had his own theory. He also feels very thankful of that person.

Honestly, he doesn't really care about Jiang Yue that much. What he cares about is Wang Rou's last will as well as the properties deeds. As long as he could get the originals, he can always make someone change it. Then he could get rid of Jiang Yue or perhaps send her in a faraway place abroad.

Still, something is bugging Jiang Chanming since Jiang Yue came back. It seems that he couldn't understand her anymore. He fears that she or even the Wang's knew of his past misbehaviors.

"Jiang Yue, listen to your father. He means well. If you are not comfortable staying at our home. Let Jiang Mian stay at your house for a while to take care of you." Lu Shi urged Jiang Yue.

Jiang Yue looked at the group of people in front of her. Then she looked at her grandfather.

"I'm sorry. But grandfather already told me to move back to the Wang's estate. Minghua will also start training me for the family business after the exams so, it is more convenient for me to stay there." What Jiang Yue said is the truth. In the first place, Grandpa Wang asked her to come back to help with the family business. So why can't he use this as a reason to stay at the Wang's?

Even though no one mentions this after she woke up, she knows that her grandfather will want her to stay with them.

"Jiang Yue ah. You can't depend on your grandfather forever. You are still a Jiang after all." Lu Shi wanted to insinuate this fact to the Old Man Wang. After all, it is not proper for a maternal grandfather to attach himself to his granddaughter this much.

Grandpa Wang couldn't help but frown his brows. It is true that he shouldn't meddle with Jiang Yue's life. Still, he couldn't stop herself. He looked at Jiang Yue and was about to say something when he was stopped by his granddaughter's cold gaze.

He knows Jiang Yue is pissed this time.

Jiang Yue badly wanted to drop all the pretense. However, she can't stop herself from thinking that these people have something to do with the car accident. Now, if one of these people orchestrated her accident, then there is a possibility that her mother's death was also the intent of someone.

The thought of her mother's accident being a possible murder is making her eyes even colder than it currently was. If that is true… then… who could it be? She couldn't help but shiver.

Everyone in the room is just watching Jiang Yue's reaction. For some reason, Jiang Chanming is feeling uncomfortable the longer he took his time to look at his daughters face.

"I would like to stay at grandfather's house. But you can always visit me. Anytime." Jiang Yue looked at her father. Her gaze flickered but it was quickly masked by her calm and collected look.

She needs to know the truth. And she needs her enemies closer. She can't let them compromise anything before her investigation is complete.

"I'm really tired. I want to rest." She give them an exhausted look. It's not that she is lying. She is truly tired. That- and she wanted Jiang Chanming and his company to leave.

Jiang Chanming felt that he couldn't do anything to convince her so he just nodded and made his way into the door. Lu Shi, however, felt that Jiang Yue needed another urging. She can't just let this pass.

"I would like to stay here and take care of you." She blurted, "As your mother, it is my responsibility." Lu Shi declared.

"No thank you. I would like to sleep then go home when I wake up." Jiang Yue blatantly denied her. She already warned this Lu Shi not to pull this kind of act around her. It seems that this woman doesn't learn. Still, she doesn't want to beat the grass to startle the snake[1].

But she really can't wait to punch this woman's face. And she will. Soon.

"Mother, its okay. We can just visit elder sister when she is fine." Jiang Mian convinced her mother. It seems that Jiang Yue is slowly warming up to them. And that was their goal. As expected she can easily fool Jiang Yue. She only acts tough on the outside. But she is as dumb as Lu Shi said.

Sensing her daughter's good mood Lu Shi agreed. Of course, she tried to showcase another 'motherly' act before leaving with her husband, her daughter and Yu Chen.

Yu Chen didn't expect to leave so soon but he couldn't find any reason to stay. But he still felt fine. After all, he already decided to start wooing her after today.

When the group of annoying people left. Jiang Yue looked immediately at his uncle. Her tired eyes disappeared and were replaced by a hawk-like gaze.

"I wanted to know everything about this accident." She said. She is determined to know more about this attempt in her life.

"This is not an accident." His uncle confirmed what she heard when she was still in a coma.

"I know. And… I want to know more. Also…" She looked at her cousin who was sitting languidly in the room's couch. " I want the files of all the people that I asked you to find. " She needed to have her own team as fast as possible.

Wang Minghua just nodded before asking Wang Bolin to get his laptop. He then gives it to Jiang Yue.

Jiang Yue opened the laptop and started typing. She opened an encrypted folder from the desktop and read through all its contents. She gives herself a smile before reading her first targets name out loud.

Name: Bai'Li,

Global Cyberlympics Champion

Location: Unknown

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