The CEO's Woman

Chapter 22 Bai'Li

Chapter 22 Bai“Li

Bai'Li is sweating profusely as his finger flew faster and faster on the keyboard. His heart is pounding so hard. He looked at the room's thermostat again. He frowned when he saw that the temperature is still normal. He felt that the room just got colder to another degree.

He felt himself panic as a muscle twitches involuntarily at the corner of his left eye.

It's been 4 hours! 4 whole hours of trying to break into a wall of problems that someone sent him. Normally 4 whole hours with his computer is nothing compared to the number of hours he spent hacking or coding.

But this is a different thing. Someone just sent him a Malware. Not just any Malware. But something that his firewall didn't even detect. A malware that threatens to wipe away all his hard work.

He couldn't help but curse! Who would suddenly send him a very complicated malware that he cannot break?

He felt that this person is completely unreasonable. Bai'Li is sure that he didn't offend anyone this formidable.

He was just doing his job to survive ah. He didn't do anything wrong at all. At least he thought he didn't.

Okay, he did, but not really enough to warrant the attention of someone like the person who sent him this malware out of nowhere.

He leans back in frustration. Beads of sweat trickled down his forehead. He closes his eyes as the fragments of codes clogged in his mind.

"Phew!" He let out a long sigh as he looked at the complicated codes in front of him.

Is he giving up? No! Yes? Maybe? He is definitely confused and frustrated. Who would send him a virus that is not even in the black market yet?

Bai'Li closed his eyes as he takes a long deep breath. He then gets up and proceeded to get a bottle of beer from the mini fridge inside his cramp apartment.

It wasn't too long when he started this lifestyle. Bai'Li was a very smart student at one of the top university in Hua City. He even won the hacking competition representing his university. However, a lot of dangerous people got a hold of his talents and used his sick mother to threaten him.

Bai'Li conceded with the threats and started doing illegal stuff for the underground crime groups. They promised him that they will not touch his mother, but when he got into an altercation with the law, they left him alone to fend for himself.

He ran for months with his mother. But because of this, his mother's body got weaker and weaker until she passed away 2 months ago. Now here he is, hiding in a rundown basement with his computers trying to live a normal life.

He was about to lie down to his couch when he heard a sudden 'Ding'. Someone just sent a message to his computer using the Malware. Now, how wicked is that?

He walked into his computer and let out another curse when he read the message on the screen.

[So… Did you like it?]

Seriously, is the person responsible for the Malware just playing a game? He wondered if this guy is a psycho.

[I will teach you how to bypass it. Meet me in 2 weeks at Xin City's Green Cafe.]

Meet him? What is this person up to? He was about to type a reply when he received another message.

[Fail to show and I will send you another wave of Malware.]

[Don't worry. I'm not the bad guy.]

[See Yah]

Then his whole screen went black.

"What the… " Bai'Li is so angry he badly wants to cry. The person just threatens him then told him he is not the bad guy. Isn't that too unbelievable?

All bad guys say they are not the bad guys. He swallowed down his anger and kneed his temple. He clenched his jaw in frustration. He didn't have a choice.

Maybe he is also tired of running. If this person is associated with the police then he really can't do anything about it.

This person just threaten to directly cut off his livelihood. If he will not meet him, then how will he continue to survive?

His head ache in frustration. Now he had to try and travel to Xin City without alerting all of his enemies.

How troublesome.


Jiang Yue was smiling from ear to ear. She just finished chatting with her first employee. She might have used some devious acts but still, she got what she wanted.

Hah. She didn't recruit him yet. Still, she knows he wont' say no to her charms.

"Hehehe…" She let out a laugh. She was so focused on her computer that she didn't notice Wang Minghua enter her room. Jiang Yue just woke up after her first night at the Wang's residence and she immediately got to work to make all her plans come into fruition.

"Ehem…" Wang Minghua announces his presence. His cousin is so engrossed to what she is doing that she didn't even notice him.

"Oh Hey. Morning." Jiang Yue lifted her head then give Wang Minghua a smile before giving her full attention back to her computer.

"Yeah, so grandfather asked me to call you so we can have breakfast together." He said.

"Sure. I'll be there in a while." She said without even looking at him.

"Right. What are you doing anyway? You seem so busy early in the morning! " He inquired.

"Well... I'm doing the first part of my plan." She answered absentmindedly.

"And what is that plan?" He asked as he made his way into her.

"Hmmm…. To create another company and conquer the world?" She announced as she glanced at her cousin. Her voice full of confidence and assurance.

Wang Minghua was stunned silly. Did his cousin hurt her head during the accident? But the doctors said she was fine. Did something go wrong? Was she possessed by some evil spirit who is trying to conquer this world?

Seeing his dumb reaction, Jiang Yue couldn't stop her laughter. "Fooled you! Hahaha... I was just trying to recruit someone to help with something that I am planning to build to help our company." She explained while suppressing her laughs.

"And what business are you planning to do?" Wang Minghua asked curiously. If her younger cousin will create something that will help the Wang family then he will surely support her.

"For starters, I am planning to create a cafe with lots of sweets and coffee."

Again her answer made him dumbfounded.

"A cafe? So you asked me to research about hackers and coding experts so you can make a CAFE?"

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