The CEO's Woman

Chapter 23 Cafe

Chapter 23 Cafe

Jiang Yue skipped happily out of her room. Leaving the dumbstruck Wang Minghua behind. She is enjoying herself too much. Jiang Yue is also very excited for the days to come.

The accident made her realize a lot of things. Things that require her full attention. She had squeezed every part of her brains to come up with something concrete. And she succeeded.

Last night she had come up with an elaborate plan that will make her stronger as well as the Wang family. She will focus her whole attention on developing herself and the Wang family to create an Empire.

This Empire will be hers and will serve as a way for her to protect not just herself but the people that she loves the most.

When her grandfather and uncle saw her arrived while bouncing happily, they were intrigued. Jiang Yue just got out from the hospital ah. And that is not something that will give you happiness.

They tried to ask about it but Jiang Yue refused to answer. She told them that they will talk about it after breakfast in her grandfather's study.

Everyone can feel Jiang Yue's excitement. Even Wang Minghua who was following Jiang Yue with a slumped shoulder can't help but get affected by the current mood.

After everyone finishes eating their fill. Jiang Yue asked them to go to her grandfather's study. She wanted them to know about her future endeavors.

"So? What is this about?" Her uncle directly asked her. He is also very interested in the sudden excitement of her niece.

"She wanted to build a cafe!" Wang Minghua answered without waiting for Jiang Yue to speak. He still couldn't believe how he spent a lot of time researching about some experts when his cousin only wanted to build a cafe.

Grandfather Wang and Wang Hou couldn't help but stare at Jiang Yue. So the source of her excitement is a cafe? Wang Hou shook his head. He couldn't help but find his niece so cute. He didn't even know that his niece loved food so much that the mere thought of making a cafe can make her so excited.

"Whatever, you want to do. I will wholeheartedly support you." Wang Guiren said. His eyes full of sincerity. So what if his granddaughter likes to manage cafes instead of their company? He won't care. As long as she is happy then grandpa Wang will support her.

Jiang Yue burst into laughter. She couldn't believe the trio's reaction. Still, she couldn't help but thank the Gods for having a supportive family like them.

"Grandpa, Minghua is right, I am planning to create a cafe and a company that will focus on mobile gaming." She declared. The Wang Group is a group of company that is into technology development. They have a company called iComms Tech International that focused on making both computer software and hardware parts. The company started 25 years ago and became one of the top companies in the country after 5 years of its founding.

Now iComms Tech is the leading software and hardware company in the country and is one of the top companies in the world. However, their company never ventured into mobile technology. She knows that her plan is very ambitious but hey, it's all or nothing.

Since she had decided to create an empire then she will go all out. Giving up without even trying is not a part of her vocabulary.

"Mobile Gaming?" Wang Hou confirmed as he furrowed his brows.

"You heard it right. Here take a look at this." She said. Then she gives them her laptop that contains her presentation for this plan. She knows that this is risky and she planned to create a more detailed presentation later on.

"This shows how Mobile gaming is influencing the gaming industry. With the current advancement of technology today, I want to create a game that will emulate full gaming experience in a pocket form. And I mean FULL gaming experience. Be it in graphics, sounds, everything. I want to create a totally free game." Jiang Yue explained to the three generations of Wang's in front of her.

"Free gaming?" Wang Guiren asked.

"Yes. Grandpa. I want to make it a free game but I will also give them an option to spend coins or diamonds. Please check my presentation. I haven't included the graphics yet but my plan is to create an adventure/otome game that will both cater male and female. This game will not only focused on females but also males." She made a paused as she glances at the trio who is so engrossed in the presentation in front of them.

"So, this game will let the players create an entire life inside his or her phone. This is an interactive game so the players have the power to choose about what to do with their character. Since this is an interactive world, I will create one universe for all of the players. Meaning, they can interact and talk to each other live in the game. Does that make any sense so far?" She asked.

"Yes. Please continue." Grandpa Wang gestured for her to continue. This proposal had piqued his interest. True, this is not the first time that he received a proposal like this but this is the first time that he heard about an interactive adventure game.

"As you can see, my target market is not just teenagers. I believe that people would eventually want an escape from their daily boring lives. And what better way to escape than creating their own world in an unknown universe and do what they wanted to do? Basically, this game will sort of like a novel and a game into one. It's like writing your own story, but your decisions will be influenced by your environment or by other people playing the game with you."

"So, what do you think?" Jiang Yue asked them as her eyes sparkled with excitement. The greatest frustration in her previous life is not being able to enjoy it with the people that she loves. And not being able to follow her passion. She doesn't want that to happen to other people.

Her goal is to create a game that will let you pursue your true passion. Even though it's just in your phone.

"Ahm… I have one question." Wang Minghua said.


"So... what about the cafe?"

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