The CEO's Woman

Chapter 24 Sweets and Coffee

Chapter 24 Sweets and Coffee

This time Jiang Yue burst into a deep loud hearty laugh. She really couldn't stop herself. Wang Minghua's confuse face is simply adorable. This cousin of hers is making her heart healthy with all of his silliness.

Sensing Wang Minghua's irritated gaze, she laughed even more. "Alright… Alright… I'm done. I'll stop." She said while giving her cousin another teasing smirk.

"I want to have an office inside a cafe." Jiang Yue said while giggling.

The men opposite to her didn't know if they wanted to laugh or to cry. Did she just say that she wanted an office inside a cafe? Isn't that a little too…peculiar?

"What's with that look? I'm serious. I want this to be in a separate building. I can't risk the security for this project. And the best way to hide something is to put it in the most obvious places. Of course, It will be completely underground." She explained.

Seeing that they still had a confused look on their faces she chuckled and added. "That and I want to be surrounded by yummy sweets and coffee."

Still, the trio continued to give her a weird look.

"Come on. Grandpa. What's a better way than working in a place with so much food?" She tried to reasoned. Her grandfather knows that Jiang Yue loved sweet things. He used to call her sweet tooth when she was a kid.

"Okay. I have no problem with that cafe of yours. What I would like to ask is why do you need to make this project a secret?" Grandpa Wang narrowed his eyes as he looked at his granddaughter.

"I just feel like the concept is completely new and we should just keep it safe from prying eyes." She answered her grandfather without even batting an eye. She already knew ahead of time that her grandfather will ask this question. Of course, she can't just tell him that she is planning to recruit an outlaw, right? Right?

Wang Guiren didn't say anything as he continues to look at her granddaughter. He knows that Jiang Yue is hiding something but he already promised himself that he will let her grow. So he will not intervene. He will completely put all his trust in Jiang Yue.

Somewhere in his heart, he knows that she will never disappoint him.

He nodded his head and look at Wang Hou beside him. Wang Hou gives him a knowing smile. Both father and son had an understanding look in their eyes. They will both support Jiang Yue no matter what.

"Alright. Just promise us that you will keep yourself safe. All the time." Grandpa Wang looked at Jiang Yue with his gentle eyes.

Jiang Yue's eyes reddened. This is the look that he longed so much. The look that he was not able to achieve in her previous life. She knows that she will treasure these people and do everything to protect them.

For some reason, she felt guilty for hiding something from her grandfather. But she needed to do it. She needed to protect everyone that she loves.

She gives both her grandfather and uncle a hug before walking out of her grandpa's study and into her room with Wang Minghua. She needed to talk to her cousin in private. She made sure to lock the door in her room before speaking.

"So? What did you find out?" She asked.

"How did you know about that?" Her cousin asked. She felt that for someone who had an above average IQ her cousin is a little slow.

"Do I really need to answer that?" She said as she rolled her eyes.

Wang Minghua gives himself a mocking smile. They always knew that Jiang Yue is so smart. Figuring out something like this should just be so easy.

"There is no physical evidence on the scene. The brakes of your car have been tampered with but it was not that damaged. I think the killer notice that the brakes still worked so he or she got careless and decided to crash into your car instead." He responded.

"How about the CCTV's? Did they get something?"

"No. The car was stolen. The driver wore a mask. And we still can't find the car until now. They must have gotten rid of it." Wang Minghua seriously said.

"How about the Jiang's did you investigate them?"

"Yes. I didn't find anything weird with the Jiang's except for Lu Shi. I looked into her bank account and it seems that she had been sending money into an untraceable account abroad."

"How long?"

"It goes way back. More than 15 years. I can't pinpoint the exact date when it started. But I will concentrate on getting that information."

Jiang Yue knead her temples. She already suspected Lu Shi but she is still afraid that someone else might be helping her.

"Focus all your investigations to Lu Shi. I want to know everything about her." She commanded. This matter is too important for her.

"Also, I want you to give me everything about my mother's accident three years ago. Send it in an encrypted file." She added. Jiang Yue thought that she will handle everything about her mother's accident. She had a bad feeling about all this.

After reincarnating, she did not put the word revenge into her mind. After all, she believed that what happened in her past was caused by her own foolishness. It happened because she was ignorant.

However, if her mother's accident had something to do with anyone in the Jiang Family. Then she will make sure to eliminate everyone involved in her mother's death.

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