The CEO's Woman

Chapter 25 How to Eat A cake

Chapter 25 How to Eat A cake

After two days of staying at home and gathering some information for her company, Jiang Yue finally decided to go to school. This time she wanted to recruit her friend Shen Rong as a graphics designer.

Jiang Yue saw some of Shen Rong's sketches before and she is confident of her friend's skills. She also remembered Shen Rong from her past life. After graduating high school, Shen Rong will pursue arts and will excel in design.

After she arrived at school she immediately went to her classroom to see her friend.

"Hey… Jiang Yue are you alright? I didn't see you for four days. I tried to call you but it won't go through. Did something happen?" She heard Shen Rong's voice before she was able to enter the classroom. She looked at the delicate beauty standing next to her.

Shen Rong might look delicate and pretty on the outside but she is very outspoken and confident. A trait that Jiang Yue admired from her friend.

"Oh… My phone broke. Accompany me later. I will buy a new one. I just had an emergency last Monday but it's already fixed." She assured her Shen Rong.

"Really? Are you sure?"

"Absolutely! Also, I want to talk to you about something important. Do you want to go to the cafeteria? We can grab a bite while talking."

Shen Rong nodded and walked alongside Jiang Yue as they talk about random things on their way to the cafeteria. The two girls bought some sweets before looking for a vacant table. Then they both choose a seat at the corner to avoid the crowd.

"So? What do you want to talk about?" Shen Rong inquired.

"Well, I want you to work for me. As a graphic designer."

"Graphic Design? What do you want me to design? You know that I haven't taken any design classes before right?" Shen Rong wanted to make sure that Jiang Yue is aware of her inexperience. Sure, she is talented when it comes to arts, but she didn't have any professional classes before.

Jiang Yue fixed her eyes at Shen Rong. She knows that Shen Rong had a good background. She also knows that the Shen Family had a very complicated household. Shen Rong is so talented at sketching so how come their family didn't let her take any art classes to enhance her skills? Nevertheless, her decision won't change. She would still ask her friend to work for her.

"That's not a problem. I saw your sketches before and I was quite impressed. I want you to work for me. We will immediately start my project after the National exams." She mumbled before chewing a piece of her cake elegantly.

"What project?"

"Oh… I haven't told you yet. I'm planning to start my own company. It's like a sister company of iComms tech but it's totally different. I will explain the specifics after the exams." Jiang Yue answered.

Shen Rong can't help but feel a little conflicted when she heard Jiang Yue. Jiang Yue is still seventeen but she is already talking about starting her own company. While she is still in a limbo, floating and waiting for other people to decide for her. Isn't she a little too pitiful? But, Shen Rong likes Jiang Yue and will wholeheartedly support her.

"Okay. I'm in." She beamed at Jiang Yue. She would love to work for a smart girl like her.

"Great! So am… this cake is not that good. But do you know a place that sells great cakes and confectioners?" Jiang Yue suddenly asked her. Even though she just know Jiang Yue, Shen Rong already notice that this girl loves her sweets.

"I don't know, I'm not really a fan of sweet things. I like spicy and bitter food." She answered as she started to gobble her own cake.

"Hey! You don't eat a cake like that! You can't just devour it." Jiang Yue blurted while looking at her.

"So how am I supposed to eat a cake?" She asked with a raised eyebrow. Shen Rong finds Jiang Yue funny and entertaining. She is also very smart and knowledgeable about different stuff. She always manages to talk about things that piqued her interest.

However, eating sweets is not one of her interest. She is not a big fan of cakes and candies. So how would she know how to 'properly' eat a cake? Sweets are still food so she should just treat it like every other food right? Put it inside her mouth, chew then swallow. Right?

"Well, you have to take a look at it first. A cake is a piece of art. It's like a painting. You have to savor it using your eyes. Imagine how it tastes like. Then once you take a bite you have to evaluate it. Examine its texture and taste. Let it melt into your mouth. If the cake is mediocre then don't finish it. If it taste's spectacular, then enjoy it. Then finish it mindfully." Jiang Yue said as her eyes sparkle.

Shen Rong was rendered speechless. Seriously. Who eats a cake like that? Did this Jiang Yue come from a different planet? She was about to tease her friend when another voice interrupted her.

"I didn't know you are so knowledgeable at stuff like that Miss Jiang." Both girls turn their head to look at the person speaking.

Jiang Yue furrowed her brows when she was it was Yu Chen.

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