The CEO's Woman

Chapter 26 Yu Chen's Confidence

Chapter 26 Yu Chen“s Confidence

"What are you doing here Mr. Student President?" Shen Rong immediately gibed. She didn't like this Yu Chen. She thinks he is way too confident. Always acting like everyone likes him.

Yu Chen didn't even spare Shen Rong a glance. He walked towards Jiang Yue with a friendly smile.

"I want to talk to you. In private." Yu Chen tried emphasized the word private. Every girl in the university would blushed if they heard him say such words. Every girl except Shen Rong and Jiang Yue.

"It's fine Mr. Yu. Shen Rong is a friend." Jiang Yue said. She still finds Yu Chen's presence a little uncomfortable.

Yu Chen couldn't help but clenched his jaws. It seems that his charms don't work at the girl in front of him. However, he is confident that she will melt this beauty soon.

"So… I… I would like to apologize for what happened last week. If it's alright, I would like to invite you over to one of the prestigious restaurants here in the city as an apology." He said. He gives her the most sincere voice he could ever muster.

Jiang Yue looked at Yu Chen. How come she didn't notice his acting skills in her past life? Was she that dumb before? She felt disappointment in her previous self again. She let out a long sigh.

"Mr. Yu I'm sorry but I don't feel any sincerity coming from you." She continues to stare at the man standing in front of her. This guy is up to something sinister. She could feel it. But she is not that concern about him right now. What she keeps on thinking was the offer that he said a while ago.

'One of the most prestigious restaurants in the city'. That only means one thing. FOOD! And when there is FOOD, there will be sweets.

This man thinks that she could easily be fooled by his coy eyes and lopsided grin. Hah. Let's see.

Yu Chen on the other hand, didn't know how to answer Jiang Yue. He was so confident that Jiang Yue will directly agree. After all, he is the most good looking and sought after guy in this university.

Now, she is saying that she can't feel any sincerity from him? What sincerity? Of course she can't feel it. He was just acting after all.

Still, Yu Chen felt insulted. Does that mean that he is not a good actor?

"Miss Jiang. I know I have offended you. Please be magnanimous and forgive me this once." He said while giving her a bow. This is humiliating. He tried to swallow his anger. He can't fail now.

"If you are really sincere then why didn't you also invited my friend Shen Rong? You know she was also offended last week right?" Yu Chen looked at her in a daze. How did she offend Shen Rong? He didn't even remember running into this girl last week.

Sensing his confusion, Jiang Yue added. "Well, when she heard about what happened to me. She was so sad while thinking that you and your minions bullied me. She almost cried."

After hearing Jiang Yue, Shen Rong really wanted to cry. Cry from laughter. Jiang Yue is simply too witty. Shen Rong knows that this girl just wanted to go to the restaurant and eat some cakes. She also knows that Jiang Yue wanted to drag her along to help Yu Chen spend more money. Isn't this Yu Chen a little too...unfortunate?

"I… I am…" Yu Chen stuttered. The offer was supposed to be a date. A DATE! Why would this girl drag Shen Rong into the picture?

"Well… I know that Miss Shen is a very busy person and I don't like to disrupt her schedule." Yu Chen said as he eyed Shen Rong. He hoped that Shen Rong would notice his glare and will back out and support him instead.

"Actually, I am not that busy Mr. Student President. I would love to come with you and Jiang Yue." Shen Rong sassed at him. Why would she waste this opportunity to anger Yu Chen?

"Okay! That's great then. So I'll see you after class Mr. Yu." Jiang Yue concluded before walking away with Shen Rong, leaving their unfinished cake.

Yu Chen can't help but grit his teeth. He felt that he had fallen into Jiang Yue's trap.

He wanted to see how long can this girl put up an act around him. He snorted before walking away. This time he is more determined to win Jiang Yue over. Yu Chen can't wait to torment her once, she already becomes his woman.


Meanwhile, inside the Xin city's shopping mall, a guy who looked like a male model walked into the jewelry store. His entranced gain a lot of gasped from the women inside the store.

"Did you see that? That's Fu Jin. The heir to the Fu Conglomerate. I heard from my father that he will stay at the Xin City temporarily."

"Really? He is not only rich, he is also very good looking ah. Quickly! Check my clothes. Do you think I look good enough for him?"

"In your dreams. I heard Young Master Fu is single. I sure hope its true."

"I also heard he will take the National Exams in the Xin City. Ai… I hope to have the same testing room with him"

"National Exams? I thought he is already in his 20's?"

"No. He is only 19 this year."

"Wow. He looks so mature and reliable for his age. Exactly my type."

When Lu Shi heard the young girls conversation, she can't help but smile to herself. Fu Jin. The heir to the Fu Conglomerate. If her daughter, Jiang Mian can be with a man like him, then they won't have to act around Jiang Yue anymore.

She then made her way into the jewelry store with a plan in her mind and a smile on her face.

When Lu Shi saw Fu Jin, she immediately made her way towards him.

"Young Master Fu!" She announced her presence. "I am Lu Shi from the Jiang family. I wonder if you need any help in choosing a jewelry. I am an expert when it comes to jewelries so thought maybe I could help you." Lu Shi said as she extended her hands while giving Fu Jin an amiable smile.

Fu Jin looked at the woman in front of him. He can't help but feel irritated by this woman. This is Jiang Yue's step mother. He never liked this in his past life. He thought that Jiang Yue liked her stepmother before, but she seems to dislike her in this lifetime.

For Fu Jin, Jiang Yue is always right. So why would he waste his time entertaining a woman who is disliked by Jiang Yue?

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