The CEO's Woman

Chapter 27 Future Mother-in-Law

Chapter 27 Future Mother-in-Law

Fu Jin looked at Lu Shi blankly. He didn't have time to deal with this scheming woman. He averted his gaze then looked at the wide variety of jewelry in front of him. He decided to ignore this woman and won't waste any of his time dealing with her.

Fu Jin decided to visit this specific jewelry shop because he wanted to buy something for Jiang Yue's birthday right after the National Exams. He is looking for the best stone that he could buy that would fit Jiang Yue. He continued to examine the pieces of jewelry in the shop, without sparing Lu Shi another glance.

However, Lu Shi seemed unaware of Fu Jin's indifference. She followed Fu Jin around and started talking about Jewels and everything that she knows about them. Since Fu Jin is single, Lu Shi assumed that he wanted to buy something for his mother. So she started talking about diamonds and other stones.

The store glittered with a lot of Diamonds, Attractive Topaz, Moonstones, Ruby and Jadeite. Lu Shi looked at the price and she couldn't help but gasp. These pieces of jewelry are worth millions of Yuan ah. Who wouldn't be excited when seeing them?

"Young Master Fu this necklace is pretty good for your mother. This is made up of emerald green jadeite beads secured with diamonds and a gold clasp. Every woman of age will love this." Lu Shi said as she looked at the necklace displayed in front of her. She couldn't help but want this necklace for herself.

She can't help but smile when she thought about her daughter. When Jiang Mian earns Fu Jin's heart, she will ask Jiang Mian to buy jewels like this for her mother. The thought itself made Lu Shi more enthusiastic.

She continued to talk and introduce each piece of jewelry to the indifferent Fu Jin.

Bei Ye, on the other hand, was sweating profusely. This woman keeps on talking and talking when his young master is already an expert when it comes to jewelry. What if his young master will lose his patience? He really couldn't imagine the horrendous things that will occur if that happens.

Bei Ye wanted to stop the woman but chose not to, when he met Fu Jin's indifferent eyes. He directly understood that his young master must be scheming about something. Or someone.

Because no one actually stopped Lu Shi, she thought that Fu Jin is listening to her and was just embarrassed to talk. She assumed that Fu Jin didn't know much about jewelries. He must just be too embarrassed to say something.

"Young Master Fu, please feel free to ask if you want to know something. You can always treat me like an old friend. Or just like a mother." Lu Shi said without feeling any embarrassment. After all, she will become his mother in law soon.

This continued for the whole time that Fu Jin was in the Jewelry shop. However, he didn't utter a single word to Lu Shi. But for Lu Shi, this is insignificant. She is already thinking about her next steps to make sure that Jiang Mian will be the future matriarch of the Fu Family.

Lu Shi even thought of calling Jiang Mian's true father to ask for his help.

After leaving the Jewelry Shop empty-handed, Fu Jin decided to just go home to call his contacts and find the perfect gift for his beloved.

"Young Master, that woman inside the shop seems to have ulterior motives. She even dared to pester you the whole time. Do you want me to investigate?" Bei Ye immediately asked Fu Jin the moment that they got inside the car.

"Call someone to watch her every move and report immediately to me." Fu Jin said as he narrowed his eyes. He already know Lu Shi from head to toe. After all, in his previous life, he asked the whole Jiang Family to be investigated after Jiang Yue's death.

When he found out about Lu Shi's scheme, he was so furious. He blamed himself for not paying attention to the people around Jiang Yue.

That's why in this lifetime he will make sure to protect her no matter what. This thought reminds him of something.

"Did you find out anything about the account abroad where Lu Shi sent her money?"

"Yes, Young Master. I was planning to give you the detailed report when we get home. I found something interesting about the young miss' mother's death." Bei Ye answered Fu Jin.

"Good. Give it to me once we arrive. Any news about Yu Chen?" Fu Jin inquired.

"Mr. Yu is already planning to make a move to the young miss. He is planning to use the whole school to woo the young miss"

Fu Jin clenched his jaws when he heard about Yu Chen's plan. "What about her sister?"

"Miss Jiang Mian already agreed with Yu Chen's plan. She wants to have the property deeds that the young miss inherited from her mother. We haven't heard about the specifics of the plan yet. But I believe they will do it before the National Exams." Bei Ye explained.

"En… make sure to protect Jiang Yue from the shadows. I also want you to assign more people to her sister and Yu Chen." Fu Jin kneaded his temple. He needs to get this pesky flies away from Jiang Yue soon.

Jiang Yue will turn 18 five days after the National Exams and he wanted it to be perfect. He doesn't want her to deal with insignificant people or any unforeseen complications.

While Fu Jin was still trying to analyze the possible problems that might harm Jiang Yue, Lu Shi is already doing the second part of her plans.

She talked to Jiang Chanming about her plans and his husband directly agreed. Who doesn't want the Fu family as a backer?

No one!

Jiang Chanming even offered to help her. They decided to do it with utmost secrecy, after all, they couldn't just scheme against the Fu Family.

Lu Shi knows that someone must have seen her with Fu Jin. What she needed to do is just add fuel to the flames.

And just like what she expected. A rumor about the Jiang family and Fu family spread like wildfire in Xin City's noble families. It wasn't even the end of the day yet and people are already assuming about Lu Shi's daughter and Young Master Fu's relationship.

Presently, no one insignificant can just accompany the Young Master of the Fu Family. Moreover, no one insignificant will go jewelry shopping with Fu Jin.

Rumors started spreading about the relationship between the two families. Everyone was making their own conclusions.

After all, Young Master Fu would only allow close people go jewelry shopping with him. Close people like a future mother-in-law. Right?

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