The CEO's Woman

Chapter 28 A Good Show is Coming

Chapter 28 A Good Show is Coming

On that same day, Lu Shi called Jiang Mian to inform her about what happened. Her mother told her to do well in the National Exams to attract Fu Jin's attention. Then they can invite Fu Jin in Jiang Mian's 18 birthday that will be held 2 months after the Exams.

At first, Jiang Mian is conflicted about her mother's plan. After all, she already had Yu Chen. She already accepted his love confession. However, she was easily swayed by her mother's words.

Lu Shi was right. No one can compare to the Fu family. If they could get into the Fu Family, then they can spend the rest their lives with no worries.

After making up her mind, Jiang Mian willingly agreed to her mom's plans. She thought she could also convince Yu Chen to agree with her plans as well. They could still cooperate and will work together for their future.

Yu Chen will get Jiang Yue's inheritance and she could get into the Fu Family. Although they will be married to other people, they could still see each other and maybe plan something to get away from the marriage. Of course, that will only happen after getting what they want.

Jiang Mian committed herself into her plan. Then decided to call Yu Chen so they can talk about it. She knows that Yu Chen will have dinner with Jiang Yue today, but this is too important. She simply couldn't wait for another day.

Jiang Mian and Yu Chen decided to meet at the back of an old building just inside the school. Not many students have the courage to visit this place because of the rumored ghosts and other supernatural existence. This made the area very popular for lovers and secret meetings.

When Jiang Mian arrived, Yu Chen is already there. Jiang Mian stood just a couple of feet away from her lover. Sensing her presence, Yu Chen turned his eyes into her.

Jiang Mian and Yu Chen seemed to have a silent conversation as they stared into each other's eyes. Then Jiang Mian's tears started pouring down her cheeks as Yu Chen wrapped his arms around her.

"Shhh…. Sorry, Xiao Mian. I've wronged you." Yu Chen thought that Jiang Mian is crying because she is jealous. That- and they have been avoiding each other for almost a week now. That must have affected her.

Yu Chen didn't think that his actions will affect the woman that he likes this much. He continued to pat Jiang Mian's back. Trying to comfort her.

Then Jiang Mian suddenly broke off the hug. Her ears reddened from embarrassment. This is not the first time that she and Yu Chen hugged each other but she never failed to act a little-embarrassed. After all, men likes this type of behavior.

"Brother Chen, you misunderstood me. I am crying because my mother called me today. She said something that might affect our future. And I... I am afraid that you will not agree and leave me..." Then Jiang Mian started explaining everything about Lu Shi and her plans. She is confident that her Brother Chen will understand her.

After hearing everything, Yu Chen stayed silent for a while. This is not just any other plan. This plan involves their future. He could either support her or leave her. He looked at his lover and examine her.

Jiang Mian is a delicate beauty. The kind of beauty that will make any man want to protect her. Although she is not as beautiful as her sister, Yu Chen still found Jiang Mian more attractive.

Jiang Yue's beauty screams arrogance and confidence. She had a special kind of aura. The kind of aura that will make any man submit to her. It's the kind of aura that he hated. Who would want a girl who seems to overpower his own arrogance? For a man, isn't that... embarrassing?

Yu Chen understood Jiang Mian's reasoning. The Jiang family is a well-known family in Xin City. But that's just it. Their influence is only in Xin City. The situation of both the Jiang and Yu family is somewhat similar. So, it is not wrong for them to dream of looking for a more powerful backer.

Just like what Jiang Mian said, they can still be together after they obtain what they want. They can even help each other. Her plans does not seem to sound bad at all.

"Alright. I agree." He looked at Jiang Mian as he held her tightly in his arms.

"You… You really mean that?" Jiang Mian's lips curved into a smile. Her eyes radiate with happiness. This could be the start of their dreams.

"Yes, I do." Yu Chen whispered before capturing her lips into a passionate kiss.

The couple was so busy burning their unyielding passion for each other that they didn't notice the shadow slowly walking away from the site. Of course, the shadow belongs to Jiang Yue.

Jiang Yue was at the cafeteria buying some candies when she saw Jiang Mian acting weird. Her curiosity got her and decided to follow Jiang Mian. She didn't expect to witness such a passionate scene. What she didn't expect the most was overhearing the intricate web of schemes that they are planning.

Jiang Yue's eyes beamed with happiness. Those people thought that she will just play dead and watch them succeed. She will never let that happen! However, this made her think about her past life. She didn't think that even Yu Chen likes to scheme. Is it possible that her marriage with Yu Chen was also a scheme designed by both Yu Chen and Jiang Mian?

However, she will not concern herself with the past. They belonged in the past for a reason. She should focus on her future.

Jiang Yue's smile never left her face the whole way to the car waiting for her. The class already ended and she agreed to meet Yu Chen for dinner.

"Hey, where have you been?" Shen Rong asked Jiang Yue as she walked towards her. Shen Rong had been waiting for Jiang Yue at the gates of the university.

"I went to buy some candies." She answered.

"You seem to be in a good mood." Shen Rong blurted her observations.

Jiang Yue give Shen Rong a very big smile. Her eyes are forming into two beautiful crescents.

"Say… How much do you think is the most expensive food in the restaurant that Yu Chen was talking about?" She inquired Shen Rong.

"I don't know but most prestigious restaurants here require a VIP membership. And restaurants like that are expensive.I would say… close to a million? If it's a Michelin starred restaurant then maybe… around 2 million?" Shen Rong explained.

"Then I hope Mr. Yu has 10 million in his card." Jiang Yue said as she stood beside the car waiting for Yu Chen. They agreed to meet at the university gates. She knows Yu Chen will be late.

Spending some sweet moments with the one that you love requires a lot of time ah. Jiang Yue is an understanding person. She should be patient and kind, right?

Yu Chen arrived after 20 minutes. His clothes were looking a little crumpled but all in all, he looked decent.

"Let's go to my car. I will drive you to the restaurant." He said as he gestured both Jiang Yue and Shen Rong to his car.

"I'm sorry Mr. Yu but I will have to decline. I don't like riding inside another man's car. Just give us the address to the restaurant and we can meet there." Jiang Yue responded.

Yu Chen has no choice but to give the address to Jiang Yue. After all, he was aware of her accident. He thought that her grandfather must have done some security measures make Jiang Yue safe.

After giving the address to Wang Bolin, Jiang Yue happily boarded the car with Shen Rong.


On the other side of the city, Fu Jin was reading the reports that Bei Ye provided. He was so engrossed in reading the details. His brows would furrow and his eyes narrowing from time to time.

"Young… Young Master… We have a problem." Bei Ye was stuttering when he arrived the Fu Jin's study. He noticed Fu Jin's annoyed face from the disturbance and he tried to calm himself before speaking.

"The Young Miss… the young miss will have dinner with Yu Chen today! I just received a call from one of our people from the school. They are already on their way to the restaurant!" Bei Ye said without even stopping to take a breath. Of course, he wouldn't even breath. They are talking about their future mistress ah! This matter is of the highest priority!

Bei Ye didn't even finish taking his breath when he heard a swish and his young master disappeared from his table. He turn around and was shock to see his young master standing at the door. He didn't know that Fu Jin could be so nimble. Still, he understood. After all, they are talking about the young miss.

"Hurry! What are you waiting for?" Fu Jin asked. His anger can be felt vibrating inside the room.

"Ah… Ah? Young Master? Where are we going?" Bei Ye asked. Still in a daze. Is Fu Jin planning to go to the young miss?

"We're going to see your future mistress. Let's see if Yu Chen can stop me in this lifetime!" Fu Jin said while walking away from Bei Ye.

Bei Ye didn't understand the meaning behind Fu Jin's words but he didn't have the time to think about it. He jogged as he followed Fu Jin outside the mansion and into the car.

It seems that there will be a good show coming.

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