The CEO's Woman

Chapter 29 Xiao Yue

Chapter 29 Xiao Yue

Yu Chen was sitting inside the VIP room with a dark face.

He wanted to impress Jiang Yue with the elegant cuisine from this place. This is a very elegant restaurant with exquisite food. He initially thought that Jiang Yue will exercise some propriety.

Who would have thought that Jiang Yue will choose the most expensive dish from the menu? He can't stop his nose from flaring in annoyance. How can this girl be so hateful?

Yu Chen just sat there without saying anything as he continued to listen to both Jiang Yue and Shen Rong's orders. To say that this is an extravagant feast in an understatement. Jiang Yue and Shen Rong ordered food as their life depended on it.

"Jiang Yue ah… Do you even eat Caterpillar Fungus?" Shen Rong asked as she continues looking at the menu.

Both girls ignored Yu Chen and didn't even act as if Yu Chen was there.

"Of course not! But I haven't seen one yet. Although my mother loved eating different cuisine she doesn't eat delicacies like that. Plus it's so rare so I haven't really seen one. Aiya…I hope Mr. Yu won't mind. After all, this is for an apology." Jiang Yue said. She is still in a good mood. She can't wait to let Yu Chen pay everything.

Yu Chen wanted to cough up blood after hearing Jiang Yue's statement. He didn't realize Jiang Yue can be so shameless. Even daring to order food that she will not eat. Is this girl planning to kill him with too much anger?

"I...I don't mind Sister Jiang." Yu Chen said while giving them a fake smile. He decided to change the way he addressed Jiang Yue to show a little affection towards her.

Jiang Yue just nodded and continued to look at the menu. "Here include this braised pork with truffles and the abalone as well as the sea cucumber. Hmmm… What else.. Shen Rong what else do you want?"

The attendant took almost 20 minutes to write down all the orders. While waiting for the food, Jiang Yue was talking to Shen Rong enthusiastically.

Yu Chen, on the other hand, can't feel any joy at the moment. The veins in his forehead are already visible from swallowing down all of his anger. Jiang Yue is clearly ignoring him on purpose!

"Ehem… so, Sister Jiang, I notice that you like sweets. I hope that you will enjoy the confections in this place. The pastry chef here is famous all over the world. I wonder what sister Jiang's favorite confection is? Maybe we could ask the chef to specifically made it for you. Even though I heard that this chef is really hard to talk to, we can still give it a try." Yu Chen said. He is clearly trying to initiate a conversation with Jiang Yue.

Yu Chen knows that the chef won't talk to them but it won't hurt to give it a try. He is trying to impress Jiang Yue. Maybe he could even bribe someone else to make the dessert for her. Then pretend that it came from the world-renowned chef in this restaurant.

"Mr. Yu is very considerate. My favorite is…" Jiang Yue halted her speech when they notice the door opened. She turned to look at the door as she was expecting to see some of their orders. She was excited to eat alright?

However, her smile falters when she saw a very unexpected guest.

"Xiao Yue… I didn't expect to see you here." the person who walks into the VIP room is obviously Fu Jin. He plastered a gentle smile into his face while walking towards Jiang Yue.

Upon seeing the man, Jiang Yue's lips couldn't help but twitch. How is this man here? He even called her such an intimate nickname. Now people would think that they are familiar with each other.

"Xiao Yue ah…stop looking at me like that. I called grandpa Wang to ask about your location and he said you are here so I immediately hurried over so I can see you." Fu Jin gushed while taking a seat beside Jiang Yue.

Jiang Yue faked a smile then give him a glare. Grandpa Wang? Why is he acting so familiar with her grandfather? What is this man even doing? Is he planning to join them?

Jiang Yue decided that she needs to talk to his grandfather about giving her location to strangers later.

"Who are you?" Yu Chen suddenly blurted with his brows furrowed. A stranger just came inside their room acting friendly to Jiang Yue. Of course, he will not like this situation.

Especially that the stranger is more good looking than him. Fu Jin didn't even start talking to him yet but Yu Chen already considered him as a rival.

"Phew. Where are my manners? Call me Jin. I am a friend of Xiao Yue's grandfather and uncle." Fu Jin said without tearing his intense gaze from Jiang Yue.

"Ah… We didn't order something for you so I don't think you can stay with us while we eat." Yu Chen said. He really hated the presence of this guy.

"No worries. I already order something for myself. I even included Xiao Yue's favorite dessert." He answered. Of course, it was Bei Ye who ordered for him. Bei Ye also talked to the chef to make the dessert for their future mistress. The chef is acquainted with the Fu family so he immediately agreed and even made some other stuff that Jiang Yue loves.

"Do you even know the chef here? He is very famous. He doesn't like talking to people. Especially people of unknown origin." Yu Chen sneered as he looked at Fu Jin from head to toe. Although, this man is very good looking he doesn't seem to come from money.

Fu Jin is obviously under-dressed. Yu Chen even wondered why this guy was able to enter the restaurant when it's obvious that he can't afford a VIP membership.

What Yu Chen didn't know was that Fu Jin forgot to change his clothing because he hurried to join them. Not that it mattered to Fu Jin. For Fu Jin, physical appearance is just superficial.

Fu Jin didn't answer Yu Chen's inquiry. He just continued to stare at Jiang Yue. This made the environment more awkward.

"Oh… good thing the order is here. I am so hungry." Shen Rong exulted. This is the best that she could do to ease this situation.

The waiter arrived with some of the orders and they started eating silently. Of course, this includes Fu Jin occasionally putting some dishes to Jiang Yue's bowl.

"Hmmm… I know you like this. Here have some." Fu Jin dotingly said as he put another Abalone in Jiang Yue's bowl. Jiang Yue accepted the abalone without saying anything. She honestly doesn't know what to say.

Jiang Yue found this situation a little unexplainable and weird. Definitely weird! But the thought of Yu Chen paying all these food is making Jiang Yue happy. Even if Fu Jin's presence was a little unexpected, the thought of making Yu Chen pay more is making Jiang Yue satisfied.

She will definitely settle their score after this meal. But for now, Jiang Yue will heartily enjoy this food.

Yu Chen, on the other hand, was feeling uncomfortable. He swallowed his food in anger while staring daggers at Fu Jin. Clearly, Yu Chen didn't recognize Fu Jin's real identity. After all, he is not from one of the prestigious family. And Fu Jin grew up abroad. Not many people recognized him.

When the desserts were served, Fu Jin still acted like a doting husband. He shamelessly fed Jiang Yue some of the strawberries that were dusted in edible gold.

Jiang Yue really wanted to cry from too much awkwardness. What is this situation? Why is this guy so shameless? He called him intimate nicknames, dared to act so closely with her grandfather, now he even started feeding her. And this is just the third time that they saw each other. Jiang Yue can't help but shiver as she imagined what this guy might do if they see each other again after this.

Still, Jiang Yue accepted the food without saying anything. She likes strawberries dipped in gold. It was one of her favorites. For her, eating her favorite is one happy occasion. That- and she seems to like the feeling of being fed by a handsome man?

Jiang Yue couldn't help but giggle inwardly. She decided to deal with this awkward situation later.

When Yu Chen saw Fu Jin fed Jiang Yue, he felt insulted and furious. He is clearly the one who invited Jiang Yue but both Fu Jin and Jiang Yue are obviously treating him as a bystander.

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