The CEO's Woman

Chapter 5 Nocturne

Chapter 5 Nocturne

The Wang's Mansion is located at the South side of the City. It was currently rush hour so Jiang Yue was forced to endure being stuck in the traffic.

Jiang Yue is excited to see her grandfather. In her past life, Grandfather Wang pampered her. But her poor choices alienated her from the old man. Grandpa Wang must have really been disappointed in her past life. She couldn't help but sigh. Her maternal family dotes on her so much.

The Wang family is one of the 4 prestigious families not just in Xin City but in the whole country. Although it's not as old compared to the other three families, the Wang's fortune can still compete with them. The Wang's iComms tech International is a very well known company both inside and outside the country. They are a conglomerate company that focuses on technological innovations. They started off as a small business but with the past three decades of staggering technological updates, iComms tech international was able to rise up to the top.

Her Grandfather, Wang Guiren, is the business founder and current patriarch of the Wang Family. He had twins. Wang Rou, her mother, and Wang Hou, her beloved uncle. At first, Wang Guiren was reluctant to let Wang Rou enter the Jiang Family. But he had to honor his promise to his best friend, Jiang Chanming's father, Jiang Linfang.

After Wang Rou's death, Jiang Yue became the only female in the Wang Family. This made everyone including her only male cousin to dote on her. Jiang Yue couldn't help but smile while thinking about her maternal family. She misses them. This will be the first time that she will spend some time with the Wang's after her rebirth.

Jiang Yue was still in deep thought when she noticed the deceleration of the car. She lifted her head and look at the luxurious Mansion in front of her. The Wang's ancestral house is a luxurious 19,000 square foot mansion. It has a warm and cozy vibe making you feel comfortable just by looking at it. The exteriors are made of lilac block stones and pressure treated spruce, giving it an expensive and elegant appeal. It's interior floor is made of cozy Bavarian oak. It also features beautifully designed wood ceilings and wenge walls.

She quickly gets off the car and bounces her way into the house. Her excitement is clearly visible in her face.

"Good morning young miss. Your grandfather is waiting for you in the Gallery." She vaguely heard the attendant say as she skipped her way to the second floor.

The gallery is on the second floor of the Mansion. Inside the gallery is a collection of paintings and sculptures that her grandfather loved. This includes some of Wang Rou's paintings. Her mother is a very talented artist. She loves to paint, sing and play musical instruments. This is the reason why her grandfather made a gallery that is connected to a music room where you could play the piano.

Opening the door, she saw an old man standing in front of a framed black and white photograph.

"Grandfather" She called. The old man looked at her and give her a longing smile. Jiang Yue knows that her grandfather is looking at her Wang Rou's photo again. After Wang Rou's death, her grandfather insisted on framing a black and white photo of her daughter. He decided to put it in Wang Rou's favorite place in the mansion. The Gallery.

"Grandfather. You can't stand too long. You need to take care of yourself. Come let's go to the music room. I will play a piece for you." She said with a sincere smile. Jiang Yue is aware that her grandfather misses her mother.

She helps her grandfather into a chair and proceeded to sit in front of the black and shiny piano. Silence envelops the place as she slowly let her fingers flew over the keys. She decided to play Nocturne in E flat Major, her mother's favorite piece. Not long, she becomes engrossed in its dramatic flair. She closed her eyes to let the memories drown her.

In her past life, she becomes so determined to earn her father's approval and love that she didn't even cherish moments of peace and happiness like this.

Her father started despising her since she was 5. She lost her mother when she was 15. She started all her wrong decisions after her mother's death. At 18, she chose to become an actress just like Jiang Mian even though she hated acting. At 19, she lost her innocence to a director just to steal a role from Jiang Mian. She got married to the despicable Yu Chen at 21. And became a divorced woman at 24. Later on, she died of a car accident alone at 25.

The tone started to build up and she could feel the vibrations tingling into her skin. Her heart raced, banging against her chest. She let her fingers caress the piano. Her emotions flowing everywhere. Then finally she hit the last note.

She opens her eyes as a single tear slowly cascaded down her cheeks. She looked at her grandfather. He gives her a proud smile, eyes gleaming, full of affection.

"Clap-Clap-Clap" Her attention was drawn into the person clapping besides her grandfather. She saw a man who looked exactly like her mother. It was his Uncle, Wang Hou.

"Wow! I didn't know someone else could play that piece aside from your mother, Little Yue." Wang Hou exclaimed.

She gives them a smile. And slowly made her way into her grandfather and her Uncle.

"You look just like your mother when she was your age. Come give your uncle a big hug." Wang Hou cheekily says as he opens his arms widely.

"Stop it old man, you are not a kid. Come, Little Yue, give this handsome young cousin of yours a hug instead." Another voice butts in. Then she saw her cousin elegantly strode in and give her a hug.

"How dare you call me an old man? How about we talk about your engagement instead? What do you say Wang Minghua?"

"Engagement? How about I tell grandfather what you-" Wang Minghua was not able to finish his words as Wang Hou covered his mouth.

"How about we let Little Yue eat some of her favorite cookies that you baked especially for her son?" Wang Hou said. Cold gaze fixed on the smiling young man.

Jiang Yue smiled while looking at the father and son banter in front of her. She was not able to witness such a warm scene in her past life.

"Stop this nonsense! How embarrassing! You are giving me a headache." his grandfather said while shaking his head. Then he gets up and started walking "Come, Little Yue, let us ignore these two embarrassing people here."

Jiang Yue couldn't help but let out a little chuckle as she followed her grandfather. His uncle and cousin didn't even notice their departure as they continue to banter like teenagers.

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