The CEO's Woman

Chapter 6 Baobao

Chapter 6 Baobao

Her grandfather was laughing heartily. He seemed to have become 10 years younger.

"So did you tell your professor why you chose that pen name?" He asked. He was talking about Jiang Yue's school life abroad. At the age of 16, Jiang Yue was already recognized as a famous poet in her university. At first, people started to get interested in her poems not because of it's contents but because of her funny pen name Baobao. However, when they read the content of her poems they were amazed by how sentimental it is. They started loving her and sharing her works on social media. Giving her instant fame. Of course, these people didn't really know what she looks like.

"Yes. I tried to explain its meaning. But he wants me to change it. In the end, I just stopped writing for the school paper. So he apologized and promise to retain my pen name so I will continue writing for the university." She explained.

"How amusing! When that child Minghua showed me one of your poems online. I almost laughed at some of the comments. The online world is a scary thing." His grandfather said. Clearly delighted by her stories.

"Here you go. I especially baked these cookies. I know you love them." Wang Minghua passed her a plate full of freshly baked cookies. The father and son banter ended just minutes after they left and both father and son followed them into the mansions lounge. Wang Minghua then proudly informed her about his newly acquired baking skills that he learned just for her.

She picked one of the cookies and quickly shove it into her mouth. "This is good!' She nodded in approval.

"I didn't know you had it in you. Wow!" She mumbled while picking up another piece of cookie. She gives her cousin a big smile. Wang Minghua is already 20 years old this year. He was more than 2 years older than her. He is a very good looking guy with delicate white skin and their signature silver-gray eyes. He has a lean and tall body that towered over her 171 cm height. He could pass as a model or even an actor.

"So. I already talk to Headmistress Lu. She knows you will arrive later today. At first, she directly refuse when I told her. But when she saw your accomplishments abroad she reluctantly agreed. Minghua will accompany you to the school later." Her grandfather suddenly said with a stern voice.

"What's wrong?" Her uncle asked after he notice his father's change of mood.

"This headmistress is Lu Shi's cousin. I'm worried she will bully Little Yue." Wang Guiren answered.

"Relax grandfather. I can handle myself." She assured him. She remembered that Wang Guiren almost had a heart attack when he heard about Jiang Chanming's marriage with Lu Shi. Since then, he had been at odds with the Jiang Family. The only reason he is not doing anything against the Jiang's, is because of her granddaughter.

Her grandfather just nodded without saying anything. They continued to talk about random things then had lunch together.

After lunch, Wang Minghua accompanied her to Xin City International School to meet with the headmistress and familiarize herself with the new environment. It was just around 1 pm in the afternoon when they arrive at the university. They decided to go directly to the Headmistress' office. However, what they didn't expect was that the news of two good looking people walking down the hallway had already spread far across the grounds of the university.

"Have you heard? Young Master Wang is here in our school with a very beautiful lady. Do you think she is his girlfriend?"

"I heard Young Master Wang has no girlfriend. Have you seen the lady? Everyone said she is as beautiful as the painting."

"Hey everyone! I saw them. I just saw Young Master Wang with the most beautiful lady that I have ever seen in my whole life!"

"Stop exaggerating! There is no one prettier than me. I believe Young Master Wang will fall in love with me if we meet."

"Hahaha stop dreaming! You are not even fit to clean Young Master Wang's shoes!"

"Hey, I notice she also had silver eyes just like Young Master Wang. Maybe she is just a relative."

"Now that you mentioned it, Young Master Wang did have a cousin with the same gray eyes.

Of course, this conversation didn't escape Jiang Mian's ears. She clenched her fist. She knows that they are talking about Jiang Yue, her older sister. She knows that Jiang Yue is pretty close to the Wang Family. Still, she couldn't stop feeling envious. Jiang Yue is escorted by one of the most famous bachelors in the city. How could she be so lucky?

"Hey... Jiang Mian... Jiang Mian, can you hear us?" She felt someone pat her shoulders.

"Sorry. You were saying something?" She asked. She must have spaced out earlier.

"We were asking you about your step sister. We just heard from someone that she will attend this school and that she is the one especially escorted by Young Master Wang earlier."

"I...I don't know. My mother told me earlier that she will stay in the country so mother called our headmistress to ask if she could accept Jiang Yue but she said that it is already too late to enroll so she will go to school next year instead." She answered.

"Isn't she Young Master Wang's cousin? That must be the reason why he accompanied her earlier. They must have used their influence to get inside the school." One of her classmates said.

"How despicable! That's why I hate influential people. The Wang's must have donated millions to the school will accept her."

"Hmp. So she is just a pretty face. Using her influence to her advantage!"

"No...I...I'm sure my elder sister didn't mean to do that. Maybe she-"

"Jiang Mian, stop covering for your elder sister. She is just another arrogant brat from the prestigious families. I will be disappointed if she will join us in the special section. I'm afraid she will use her influence to bully us." One of Jiang Mian's friends comforted her. Though Jiang Mian looks pitiful and sad, she felt deeply happy inside. She can't wait to tell her mother about today's matter.

Jiang Mian is not sure about the effects of her sister's arrival. But she is excited for the days to come.

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