The Schoolgirl Secret Agent

Chapter 986 - Come Visit Us After Senior High School Entrance Examination

Chapter 986 - Come Visit Us After Senior High School Entrance Examination

Comparing them to charcoal forged an effective imagery. Before Chu Ning and team attended the military school—even though they had already trained in the military, their complexion was fair and supple.

Now? Yun Jian was not exaggerating when she said all of them turned several shades darker. They almost looked like charcoal now and their faces looked like they had painted them with coal.

"Huh, no, Yun Jianjian'er. We're not as dark as what you said, haha! But it's true that we've gotten tanner in recent months. My sunscreen can't even block the scorching sun!" Chu Ning lamented.

She rubbed her face furiously after that, like the action would allow her to rub her tanned skin off her face.

"Haha, you're the one who's got tanned the most visibly among all of us here!" Chu Xiangnan pinched Chu Ning's cheek and quickly retracted his hand before teasing her with a grin.

"Out of my way! Are you trying to pick a fight? I'm talking to Yun Jian'er!" Chu Ning swung her clenched fists at Chu Xiangnan right after she got pinched.

"Alright, quit it, you two," Jiang Weiwei spoke up to stop the banter between Chu Ning and Chu Xiangnan.

"Sigh, we have to go back to the military school again when the Labor Day break ends. Hmph, Yun Jian'er, don't worry. We'll make sure we train ourselves well before you come!" Chu Ning then pumped her fists at Yun Jian as she told her confidently.

"Mn," Yun Jian hummed with a nod and crescent eyes.

The six of them exuded a new vigor that felt like they were working hard. Yun Jian admired that. Some people might already be waiting for Yun Jian to do something for them seeing how capable she was but not Chu Ning and team. Even when they could not fight who they called The Indomitable, they did not back down.

No one was born a victor. Every ace got up to their invincible level through endless grinding and experiences.

Chu Ning and team took the time to visit Yun Jian together before they returned home respectively after dinner. They did not have a lot of holiday; other than visiting Yun Jian, they were going to Ge Junjian to let him know that they were doing well and then returning home to spend a few days with their families. They would then have to rush back to the military school after that.

When they bid goodbye to Yun Jian, Chu Ning hugged her for some time. As they took their leave, Chu Ning turned back after a few steps, suddenly recalling something and telling Yun Jian, "Right, Yun Jian'er, you have two more months till Senior High School Entrance Examination. Don't you have two weeks of break in advance from students in other grades? Why don't you come visit us during the break? We're about to die from boredom in school!"

Chu Ning stuck out her tongue as she spoke.

"Yeah, summer break starts two weeks earlier for you because you're sitting for Senior High School Entrance Examination. You can come visit us in Min City," Jiang Weiwei invited Yun Jian in a blink of eyes after Chu Ning spoke.

The girl rarely extended any invitation, so Yun Jian looked at her once she spoke. Although Jiang Weiwei was a pain in the beginning, she was now incredibly amiable.

As Chu Ning, Chu Xiangnan, Jiang Weiwei and others looked back at Yun Jian in anticipation, she nodded in reply, "Alright, I'll visit you guys in Min City after the exam."

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