The Schoolgirl Secret Agent

Chapter 987 - Ge Xuan’s Invitation, To His School

Chapter 987 - Ge Xuan’s Invitation, To His School

Chu Ning and others were delighted at Yun Jian's promise and then they went home.

Yun Jian had a relatively comfortable life recently. Crossing her arms in front of her chest, she watched Chu Ning and team leave before pressing her lips together and cracking a grin.

It was only then she turned to go back home.

Since Gu Nian's assassination attempt the last time, Yun Jian had been thinking. There was 90% truth in what she said but there was still 10% left for observation. Regardless, Yun Jian believed one thing that Gu Nian mentioned—that she was already put on the notice board in Yulong Mainland.

The board had nothing positive about it. It was a bounty notice board. Yun Jian had also told Si Yi about it and the latter had carried out an intense investigation about it together with the assassination that happened previously. Nonetheless, there was no conclusive information from what they had gathered now.

If it were something on earth, they would most probably be able to come up with a result swiftly given how influential An Hun Group was. If it were in Yulong Mainland, however, a continent that was unrelated to earth, it was hard to achieve the same efficiency.

Anyway, based on Si Yi's capability, he would be able to figure it out even if it were Yulong Mainland. He would just need a bit longer.

To Si Yi, he was going to find out whoever dared assassinate his woman even if they hid themselves in outer space and make them pay for it!

Just as Yun Jian entered her house, she saw a tall figure standing inside. Without a second look, she could recognize that it was Ge Xuan.

Losing the colorful hair that did not fit him, Ge Xuan who had colored his hair black looked more charming than he used to. The short black hair kind of made him look like a fresh schoolboy.

Ge Xuan got up from the chair and made his way to Yun Jian in a large stride once he saw her coming in through the door, asking in delight, "Meimei, you're back?"

"Mn." Yun Jian nodded at him and dropped her schoolbag on the stool.

"Xiao Jian, you just got home? Have you had dinner?" Qin Yirou exited the kitchen, still wearing an apron with suds on her hands; it seemed that she was doing the dishes.

"I've eaten," Yun Jian answered Qin Yirou and turned to Ge Xuan, waiting for him to speak.

Yun Jian knew from Ge Xuan's gaze at her just now that he must have something to tell her. As expected, after Qin Yirou made her way into the kitchen again, Ge Xuan chuckled giddily at Yun Jian before rubbing his head and telling her, "I'm going back to school tomorrow, meimei. Do you want to come with me?"

"It's just nice that you're on a short three-day break for Labor Day and there'll be an international race tomorrow night near our school. It's a rare chance. Do you want to go with me?"

This was Ge Xuan officially inviting Yun Jian to join him at the race together. From what he said, he was inviting her to travel abroad and watch the international race together.

Yun Jian had gone out of the country previously, so she had a passport ready for traveling anytime. Ge Xuan probably invited her knowing about it.

"Hmm? Where is it?" Yun Jian looked up at him and asked softly with a press of lips.

"Maryland in Country M," Ge Xuan replied promptly.

Yun Jian squinted at his answer. That was where Dime And Prime Company that Alluring Demon ran was located. Yun Jian wore a pretty smile and stayed quiet for a bit before pressing her lips together again to answer, "Okay."

She had agreed to go.

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