This Earth Is A Bit Fearsome

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: You’re Very Mysterious


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Lian Miaoyi’s beautiful brows immediately knotted into a frown. She looked towards Dai Yingying, her calm gaze tinged with some questioning.

Dai Yingying was immediately flustered. She knew full well of Lin Miaoyin’s character. While she may look gentle and accomodating on the surface, maintaining a courteous smile even towards beggars by the street, she was a strong-minded person through and through.

All these years that she helped Luo Kun chase away Lin Miaoyi’s suitors, Dai Yingying had never let Lin Miaoyi sense anything amiss. She took great care of hiding her tracks.

However, because of Lu Xuan, what she did was now entirely exposed in front of Lin Miaoyi.

“Enough with your accusations! We’ve got nothing to do with each other!” Dai Yingying would, of course, deny everything. However, her slightly flustered expression did not escape Lin Miaoyi’s eyes.

The questioning look in her attractive eyes thickened.

Dai Yingying glared fiercely at Lu Xuan, attempting to threaten him into silence with her glare.

However, how would it be possible for Lu Xuan to comply? He snickered, “The man behind you is Luo Kun, no? How much did he pay for you to do his bidding?”

Dai Yingying completely panicked when Lu Xuan said Luo Kun’s name. Lin Miaoyi, who stood at the side, made a knowing look as well. She knew Luo Kun.

Judging from their looks, Lin Miaoyi quickly figured what happened. She would have been too silly if she could not put two and two together.

A slight sadness could be seen on her face, though it quickly disappeared. She hadn’t had many friends ever since she was a child, and Dai Yingying was one of the few she had. Although Dai Yingying’s friendship was fused with some pandering, she never minded. She even helped Dai Yingying’s family rise by giving them help and pieces of advice.

If it were any other thing, she would have turned a blind eye. However, Dai Yingying had become a spy sent by someone else to watch her every move.

“Miaoyi, you must believe me. That was not true! He’s insulting me!” Dai Yingying quickly pleaded. She was painfully clear about just how powerful the faction behind Lin Miaoyi was. Even if her family was worth billions, Lin Miaoyi could squash them like a bug if they angered her.

Lin Miaoyi regained her composure and mildly stated, “You should leave. Considering our past together, I would rest this case. But go back to Luo Kun and tell him that if he dares interfere with my matters again, I will make him pay!”

Dai Yingying quickly got up. It was as if Lin Miaoyi had just spared her from an unpardonable sin. With her deep understanding of Lin Miaoyi, she knew that no one could ever change Lin Miaoyi’s mind once she made a decision. She was already very fortunate that Lin Miaoyi decided not to pursue this case further.

However, it all happened because of that darned man Lu Xuan.

She shot death glares at Lu Xuan, almost wanting to devour him alive.

“Right, tell Luo Kun one more thing. If I ever find out that he sent men to hassle anyone else again, I will not let him off the hook!” Lin Miaoyi added, seemingly thought of something.

Dai Yingying threw daggers at Lu Xuan with her hateful gaze, because she understood that what Lin Miaoyi said would be a protective talisman for Lu Xuan. No one would dare touch Lu Xuan for the time being, at least.

After Dai Yingying left, Lin Miaoyi finally turned to Lu Xuan, who was calm every since the beginning. Some interest flashed past her eyes. If she had to base an impression solely on her mother’s documents, Lu Xuan should be just an average guy.

She only agreed to the blind date as her mother had given in to an old friend. Be it her or her mother, both of them never thought that anything would come out of this blind date.

Even Lin Miaoyi took it as an excuse to take a breather. Out of good familial manners and upbringing, she wouldn’t be so impolite as to stand the other party up.

However, she never thought that Lu Xuan, who should have been very average, turned out to be not so average after all.

At least, he looked like he had got the air of an extraordinaire.

While Lin Miaoyi was scanning him, Lu Xuan, too, was observing Lin Miaoyi. He saw Lin Miaoyi once in his past life. At that time, Lin Miaoyi was already a goddess that reigned supreme over the lands. Not only was she powerful, but she was also incredibly stunning. One could not count the number of men who fell for her.

However, Lu Xuan never made direct contact with Lin Miaoyi in his previous life. Therefore, he never told Lin Miaoyi that he used to be one of the men who almost went on a blind date with her.

Right now, Lin Miaoyi should have just started on her practice. She has awakened and has begun to cultivate. Her progress was quite shocking, for she was already at level four.

From what Lu Xuan had sensed, she was much more powerful than the Poison Scorpion. She was a mere half a step away from level five, equivalent to a Baodan Grandmaster.

Lin Miaoyi was already a prominent figure in his past life, one of the highest existences in the world. To be so strong right at the starting stages, Lu Xuan realized that the cultivation world might be much more complicated than he initially expected.

When ordinary folks were still arguing about whether or not the awakening of special abilities were real, some factions had secretly gained much ground ahead.

“You are different. You are much, much different from what others have told me!” Lin Miaoyi looked at Lu Xuan with her overly charming eyes. One could only tell a slight surprise from her calm expression.

“Well, second-hand information does tend to be incomplete. It’s perfectly normal!” Lu Xuan smiled slightly. Unaffected, he lifted the teapot on the table and poured himself a cup of tea.

All Lin Miaoyi did was to look at Lu Xuan. She felt that this man was slightly different from the men she’d seen. She was well aware of her beauty, and her cultivation only served to enhance it. Her composure and elegance were second to none, and she had seen enough “elite men” who dare not even speak much in front of her.

However, even suitors like Luo Kun would not be as relaxed and carefree as Lu Xuan. It was like she was just another lady he met over a blind date.

She would never have guessed how shocking of an existence the man sitting in front of her used to be. Across the millions of realms and worlds, he had stood at the top of countless living beings.

Saintesses, goddesses, as long as he called for them, countless would fall at his feet.

A mere Lin Miaoyi was not enough to sway him.

“I apologize. I have implicated you into my issues!” Lin Miaoyi said, slightly apologetic.

Lu Xuan made a slight smile. Lin Miaoyin may be calm and otherworldly, but she was not a person who could not tell good from bad, right from wrong. Lin Miaoyin left a good impression on him.

Even when this matter was the root cause of his family’s eventual downfall, he could not bring himself to hate Lin Miaoyi.

“Don’t mind it. It’s but a small matter!” Lu Xuan laughed. He truly minded nothing, for absolute strength has brought him absolute confidence.

“You’re very mysterious!” One could see the light of curiosity shining in Lin Miaoyi’s eyes.

Her cultivation level was much lower than Lu Xuan’s, and so, while Lu Xuan could tell her cultivation right away, she could not see through Lu Xuan’s real powers at all. On top of that, the skills that they practiced are worlds apart. To her, Lu Xuan looked like an ordinary man who never cultivated.

Lu Xuan shrugged nonchalantly. “Everyone has their secrets, don’t you think?”

“No matter what, what happened today was my fault. Let’s add each other on WeChat. If Luo Kun dares mess with you again, ping me on WeChat. He is not someone you can handle. He’s very dangerous!” Lin Miaoyi took out her phone and showed him her QR code, “I will look him up and make sure that he leaves you alone!”

“All right!” Lu Xuan nodded and took his phone out as well. He scanned her code and added her as a friend.

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