This Earth Is A Bit Fearsome

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Vajra Amulet

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Ling Huang was a little taken aback. Would a hundred thousand per day be considered expensive to hire an expert of Lu Xuan’s caliber?

Of course not!

Nonetheless, Lu Xuan’s salary after a month would be almost on par with Lin Sheng’s annual salary.

However, Lu Xuan was not Lin Sheng. While one could hire Lin Sheng as their bodyguard with a couple of million dollars, they might not even get to meet real experts at Lu Xuan’s level with that same kind of money.

After all, Lu Xuan’s capabilities were around the same level as Lin Sheng’s master. An expert like that would easily be a national hero.

It was difficult for ordinary tycoons to meet him!

Many powerhouses who were this powerful were also tycoons themselves. With many businesses under their name, their involvement in all sectors of industries and ranks could not be belittled.

This was a one in a million chance!

“Deal!” Ling Huang agreed immediately, “I hope that you can protect my daughter for a month, Mr. Lu. All things about the project should finalize after a month!”

“A month, no problem!”

Lu Xuan nodded. While it would be impossible for him to be a bodyguard for an extended period, a month of bodyguarding duties was still acceptable.

“I have a business offer for you apart from that, President Ling. I wonder if you would be interested?”Lu Xuan asked.

“What kind of business offer, may I ask?” Ling Huang was a little uncertain.

“I have some talismans with me called Vajra Amulet. They can save your life in a time of crisis!” Lu Xuan fished out a stack of talismans he prepared beforehand from his pocket and handed them to Ling Huang.

Ling Huang took the talisman papers in slight confusion. Deep down, his heart was overcome by the ridiculousness of Lu Xuan’s claim, and he found it extremely hard to believe. Was he implying that he could ensure his safety with a talisman amulet?

No matter how he looked at it, it sounded like a scam from the eighties when people were going crazy over Qigong, also known as the life-energy cultivation.

If the person who showed him this weren’t Lu Xuan, he would have thrown them away immediately. However, since it was something Lu Xuan produced, it must be reliable to a certain extent.

After all, with Lu Xuan’s abilities and status, it was highly unlikely that he would pull a prank like this.

Ling Huang wasn’t the only one puzzled. Ling Fei, too, felt that it was strange, and even Lin Sheng shot a skeptical look at Lu Xuan. No matter what, anyone who tried to sell a stack of talismans like they were treasures would inevitably look like a con artist.

“Let’s see. Words mean nothing without proof and talk alone is not enough for most things in the world. Let us experiment with its effectiveness then!”

Lu Xuan suggested this immediately as he seemed to understand the suspicions of Ling Huang and the others.

Lu Xuan pulled out one of the talismans and held it in front of him. Then, he turned to Lin Sheng and requested, “Attack me with all your might. I will not fight back!”

Lin Sheng looked at Lu Xuan puzzledly. Lin Huang, who stood on the side, nodded, giving him the go. And so, he held nothing back and launched a spear-like punch at Lu Xuan.


The fist tore through the air. Just as it was about to hit Lu Xuan, a shield, faintly glowing, suddenly appeared in front of him.

It blocked that incoming fist.

After it managed to block the punch successfully, the talisman began to burn immediately and disappeared, having been reduced to mere dust.

It was clear that each talisman was single-use.

Even so, Ling Huang could not help but light up at what he just witnessed. Not only did his expression become visible excited, but his breath, too, became quick and short.

That was because he saw for himself the use of the Vajra Amulet. While it would burn away after a single use, it could indeed be a life-saver in a life-or-death situation.

Many attacks are sudden and abrupt. His bodyguards would not be able to react quickly enough if someone decided to snipe him from afar; however, if he had a Vajra Amulet, it may very well save his life should he ever fall into such a precarious situation.

It would be much more useful than hiring some bodyguards.

“Mr. Lu, what’s the greatest extent of the Vajra Amulet’s defense power? Up until what kind of attacks can it withstand?” Ling Huang queried.

“Well, it certainly can’t defend against cannons. However, it will block most light and heavy gunnery. And, of course, you can only use it for one round of defense!”

“It’s enough, good enough!”

Ling Huang was happy with Lu Xuan’s answer. After all, Huaxia was a country that banned firearms, and gun owners were few and far between. If he found himself being bombarded by a cannon one day, it would imply that the entire regulatory structures of the nation had collapsed.

“How do you intend to sell these Vajra Amulets, Mr. Lu?” Ling Huang asked, his voice laced with anxiousness.

Honestly speaking, he had suddenly heightened the importance he placed on his security ever since his children got kidnapped. At first, he thought that they would be safe after hiring some bodyguards.

However, more and more entities beyond his wildest imagination began to emerge. That was when he realized that he was much, much more vulnerable and unprotected than he ever thought he was.

Especially so when embroiled in a competition between many overseas conglomerates. Many a time, it was a cut-throat competition where they would resort to the most ruthless of methods, stopping at nothing to pull him down.

The bodyguards that he previously hired were next to useless when going against these bizarre people and phenomena.

However, the game would change with the Vajra Amulet. He could see it saving his life many times.

No price would be too expensive for these amulets.

Lu Xuan paused for a while, then said, “They’re not expensive. They are five hundred thousand each. A total of ten amulets—including the one we just used in our experiment—would be five million dollars!”

And that was the business offer Lu Xuan proposed in the beginning. These were talismans he had spent the entirety of the previous night drawing.

If it was his previous incarnation, who was at the prime of his cultivation, he could easily draw the talismans without breaking a sweat.

However, his current cultivation level had just stabilized at Core Foundation. Every talisman he completed exhausted his vigor and Spiritual Qi, and so he only managed to draw ten over the night.

In his previous life, Lu Xuan had practiced many skill manuals and cultivation methods. Of which, he had always performed exceptionally well in talisman making. He was almost an all-rounded genius.

Lu Xuan would soon get stronger with time. The talisman he needed to draw would also begin to simplify, and his repertoire of amulets would quickly expand.

These sorts of Vajra Amulets were but the most basic of talismans. Not only that, but it was only a single-use talisman.

While ordinary men might not have a chance to use such an amulet in their lifetimes, for the ultra-wealthy, such as Ling Huang, there was nothing more important than his safety and health.

As expected, Ling Huang’s interest was piqued after he heard Lu Xuan’s offer.

This was the basis of Lu Xuan’s confidence when he said that gentlemen had a way to earn their keep. If he needed money, he had tons of ways of getting it.

“No issue at all. Five million. I’ll take them all!” Ling Huang said, footing the bill even for the one previously exhausted in the experiment.

He would greatly improve his security with the nine remaining talismans.

At the same time, Lin Sheng could not hold himself back any longer. He stepped up and asked, “Do you still have more of these talismans, Mr. Lu? I would like to take some if you do!”

Ling Huang was not the only man who cherished his life. To Lin Sheng, such talismans were also a rarity.

He seldom worried over his usual fights, but even a martial arts expert would shudder at a kitchen cleaver. Furthermore, the world was currently still dominated by firearms.

A bullet in a vital organ was enough to take his life. However, if he had some of these talismans on hand, they could save him many times in dire situations where he could otherwise lose his life.

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