This Earth Is A Bit Fearsome

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: He was Born Into Holiness

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As exchanges between masters were often close-fought, if he could protect his life once in a critical match, that might grant him a chance to turn the tables and emerge as the final victor.

Not to mention that all sorts of firearms, be they heavy or light, all posed a threat to him.

While he might be a HuaJin master half a step away from achieving level five Baodan Garndmastership, he would still drop dead if he was shot in his vitals.

Not just the Huajin Master, but even a Baodan Grandmaster would lose his life when fatally shot. However, Baodan Grandmasters tended to have alarmingly sharp instincts, and so it would be challenging to hit them. If three to five master shooters from the military managed to corner them into a narrow passageway with nowhere to hide, they would then have no chance of succeeding.

That was too slim a chance!

If he could become a level six martial arts legend, only then could he truly be unafraid of most commonplace firearms.

“That’s all the talismans that I have for now!”

Lu Xuan shook his head and replied.

“May I ask when you will get more of these Vajra Amulets? I would like to buy a few, too. I will pay you the market price, and will never shortchange you, Mr. Lu!”

Lin Sheng immediately pursued, visibly ardent.

The protective talismans were too much of a marvel. Not just him, but Lin Sheng bet that his master would also be green with envy when he saw them.

“Same here! You may look me up anytime, Mr. Lu. I’ll take any amount that you have!”

Ling Huang quickly added. No one would complain that they possessed too many good things. Even if he had no use for them in the meantime, he could use them as gifts and favors.

They would be much, much more precious than any other gifts.

However, they had the tacit understanding not to ask about where Lu Xuan got his talismans from, for it was undoubtedly an essential secret.

One who asked for too much would only garner hatred!

“I can’t say for sure for the time being; however, I will inform both of you if there are more Vajra Amulets!”

Lu Xuan nodded. Anyway, it seems like he needed not to worry about the sales channel. The market was tipped in favor of the seller, and that there was no way that he could not sell them.

“Mr. Lu, please give me a bank account number. Taking into account the fees for my daughter’s protection, it will be eight million in total. I will transfer the money to you now!”

Ling Huang said.

Lu Xuan gave him an account number. After a short while, he received a transfer of eight million dollars. As expected of a tycoon, his transfer limit was much higher than that of a regular man.

“Since we have settled the matters at hand, I shall return first. We’ll start with the bodyguarding mission tomorrow!” Lu Xuan said.

“Sounds great. I’ll let Fei’er drive you home. You’ve worked hard today!”

Ling Huang immediately replied, sensing Lu Xuan’s reluctance to stay any longer.


Lu Xuan acknowledged.

Very quickly, Lu Xuan left the mansion with Ling Fei. He got into her sports car and soon disappeared into the distance.

“Lin Sheng, the level of Mr. Lu should be quite impressive among the cultivators?” Upon sending Lu Xuan off, Ling Huang turned and asked Lin Sheng, who was standing behind him.

A bitter smile formed on Lin Sheng’s face as he answered, “He is beyond impressive. In such times, where martial arts legends have gone extinct, he might be one of the select few, one of the strongest out of the world’s best. He is worthy, even when compared to my master!

“I, too, had no idea how he cultivated, Even if he had been practicing from when he was still in his mother’s womb, it would have been possible for him to attain such cultivation greatness. I guess he would be what we call a gifted genius loved by the heavens!”

The smile on Lin Sheng’s face was a tad bit wistful. He had been one of the most talented disciples amongst his senior siblings, having a foot in the door of being a Baodan Grandmaster before he was even 30.

If he were in ancient times, he could already lay waste on the battlefields and take on thousands of men at once. In modern times, material conditions were far superior, and such times birthed a lot more master experts compared to the olden times. No matter what, to achieve so much at his age was still a dazzling feat.

However, his achievements were laughably meager when compared to Lu Xuan.

While it may seem like they were only one level apart, the distance between them was like that of heaven and earth. If not for the seismic change in heaven and earth, the difference in the cultivation level could have been a difference that was impossible to overcome during one’s lifetime.

If he were a genius, Lu Xuan would be a legendary god-chosen son. If you put Lu Xuan in feudal times, and he would be a one-in-a-century kind of born martial talent.

“If he were born in ancient times, he would be one of the legendary masters like Lv Dongbin and Zhang Sanfeng. He was born into holiness, and was fundamentally different from regular people!” Lin Sheng pondered for long but ultimately gave his opinion.

Ling Huang was immensely shocked by Lin Sheng’s evaluation. Even if he weren’t part of the martial arts circle, he knew what sort of entities Lv Dongbin and Zhang Sanfeng were.

Those two were legends that lit up the entirety of Huaxia’s history.

For Lu Xuan to be put on the same pedestal as those two, even if he still lacked in accomplishments, was remarkable.

If he was just an expert who could fight well, even if he was an existence like Lin Sheng’s master, Ling Huang felt that he could still avoid him if he could not afford to annoy him. This was, after all, still a society governed by laws. The ultra-rich like him could always fall back on their money, even if they dared not easily offend those martial masters.

Similarly, those martial masters might also be unwilling to offend powerful and incredibly influential ultra-rich tycoons like him.

However, Lu Xuan was different. Not only were his achievements in cultivation staggering, to say the least, but he was also astoundingly well-versed in medicine. Who could say that they wouldn’t fall sick in their lifetime? An astonishing doctor who could treat congenital heart disease was someone that even the Chief of the inner palace would strive to maintain good relations with.

On top of that, Lu Xuan also possessed the mystic Vajra Amulets. Until now, he could not comprehend how that obviously unscientific talisman managed to take effect.

However, one could not argue against the fact that the talisman did work. He had to admit that it blew him away.

Taking into consideration all aspects of Lu Xuan, Ling Huang was left with one thought, and that was to get Lu Xuan to his camp. Who knew? There might come a time where he needed to beg for his help.

Lin Sheng watched as Ling Huang fell deep into his thoughts. He stayed silent as he stood behind Ling Huang, like an old monk slipping into meditation. However, deep in his heart, he was in turmoil with astoundment.

What he saw today far surpassed the common sense and logic of the martial arts realm. He could accept that Lu Xuan was stronger than him, and would at most sigh about how Lu Xuan was a born genius in martial arts. However, things like the Vajra Amulet defied both physics and logic.

“President Ling, pardon me, but I would like to ask for a favor!” Lin Sheng spoke up.

Ling Huang turned to Lin Sheng. “There’s no need to be reserved. You can say anything. Our families have been friends for years!”

That’s right. Ling Huang was friends with Lin Sheng’s family for many, many years. Their relationship could be traced back to the generation of Lin Sheng’s father, and Ling Huang even sponsored Lin Sheng in his martial arts studies.

If not for this layer of connection, Ling Huang could not have managed to hire Lin Sheng to be his bodyguard. One must know that while a HuaJin master was not as rare nor esteemed as a Baodan Grandmaster, they were not people one could easily employ.

“I would like to purchase a Vajra Amulet. I’ll make sure that the price is satisfactory, President Ling!”

Lin Sheng said after much contemplation.

“I thought it was something more severe! Here, take three talismans. Save the talk about money, for it only serves to hurt our relationship. I have always thought of you as a child and nephew. There is no need to be this self-conscious, for we are family!” Ling Huang laughed as he pulled out the protective talismans at once, passing them to Lin Sheng.

“Thank you, President Ling!” Ling Sheng could not help but feel touched. He took the talismans and put them away.

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