This Earth Is A Bit Fearsome

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Killed Just Like That

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“Hmm? Why is the Spirit Qi so dense in here?” the silhouette asked in a hushed voice, seemingly confused.

Under the moonlight, one could see a deathly pale male with a pair of bat wings sprouting from his back. He looked just like the rumored vampires.

He noticed the unusually high concentration of Spirit Qi in this house, and it made him slightly uncertain.

As an Awakened, he was much sensitive towards Spirit Qi compared to the unenlightened. While ordinary men might at most feel relaxed and soothed living in such an environment, he could go a step further and tell that the concentration of Spirit Qi was above average on this plot of land.

Could it be due to some peculiarities of the terrain? thought the man silently to himself. Ever since he became a part of the Awakened, he was imparted much knowledge that the past him would not even dare to contemplate. It once mentioned that across the mountains and valleys, there existed specific landforms that might lead to the gathering of spiritual energies. Just that such formations were rare and few between, and they were all blessed enclaves. It was currently impossible for anyone to occupy them.

“Great timing. After I finish this guy off, I could make here my hideout. By then, I’ll be able to cultivate a lot faster and become a level four Awakened. This place is too comfortable!” sighed the man softly. Merely standing in such an environment was enough for his body to open up its pores and automatically absorb the Spirit Qi.

He knew that the current situation was still uncertain and that the countries had not yet announced the existence of the Awakened. However, something this tremendous would push its way through the waves of history, and it was merely a matter of time. Right now, being a step ahead could mean being miles ahead of everyone else in the future.

It might even be possible for them, in the distant future, to become gods and deities.

They would recreate the Age of Mythology!

“How should I kill him so that it’ll be silent? Do I poison him with the gas stove? I guess I’ll drown him!” While thinking about his plan, he recalled what that man told him. He must not cause a ruckus, lest they attract the attention of that certain mysterious relevant authority. They would be in deep trouble if that happened.

The seismic change of heaven and earth has not yet made itself felt. And so, they still needed to hide; the time had not come for them to show themselves to the world.

“Forget it. I’ll just suck him completely dry of his blood and throw him into the river. No one would recognize him after soaking his body in the river for a couple of days!” the man immediately blurted.

As he was speaking of himself, he had managed to break into the master bedroom. However, he found no one.

“Eh? Where is he? Is he not in today?” That man was a little confused.

“Why? Are you looking for me?” A clear voice came from behind.

That man jumped in fright. Ne never thought that someone would appear after him.

He turned around, only to see a good-looking young man with folded arms, looking at him smilingly. Wasn’t he Lu Xuan, the man he was assigned to kill tonight?

The man with bat wings made a snarling smile at once. With his pale face and the eerie fangs, he looked very frightening.

“The hunter searched high and low all for naught, as the prey delivers itself to the door! Hahaha, lad, today’s the day you meet your maker. Who told you to offend someone whom you can’t go against!”

Lu Xuan felt no fear towards this man. He only stated, “You’re an Awakened!”

The man was a little surprised by Lu Xuan’s knowledge about the Awakened. And so he reintroduced himself, albeit briefly,” That’s right. I am an Awakened, and to you all, I am your God. We will all be celestials in the future, while you people could be our slaves for generations ’till eternity!”

“God, Please, you look ugly. Are you going to call yourself the ‘God of Ugliness?’ I have never seen anything so ugly that it shakes my soul. Didn’t your Mom teach you that you should stay home if you’re ugly, lest you scare the people outside?”

If it were anyone else, they would most probably be scared to death by this legendary beast.

However, Lu Xuan had experienced many highs and lows in his previous life. He had seen more beings who were weirder beings, including real legendary beasts. He had killed many without much thinking. The situation was only more complicated as they were the product of a mutation of ordinary Awakened.

Right now, many of the awakened looked just like hideous monsters. They still didn’t know of the ways to control their powers. However, as they progressed in their cultivation and became much more profound and powerful, they could control such their random morphing. They would become almost like an ordinary human.

Lu Xuan’s word infuriated the man. It was as if Lu Xuan had stepped on his toes. Although he kept calling himself a god, he would always have the aesthetic sense of a human.

His current looks were indeed utterly ugly. None of his men were brave enough to touch on that taboo. Now that Lu Xuan brought it up this easily like it was nothing, he could feel the anger burning in his chest.

Everything happened quickly. The man let out a furious howl and pounced at Lu Xuan like a ball of lightning.

His pair of slightly mutated claws came right for Lu Xuan, and just when he thought that he’s had him, a pale white hand grabbed him by his throat in a split second.

A soft twist. One could even hear the jaw-numbing sound of bones snapping and cracking. Lu Xuan snapped that man’s neck just like that.

That man’s eyes widened in shock. Up ’till the very moment of his death, he never imagined that he would be crushed to death by a harmless-looking, ordinary man.

Lu Xuan threw that man’s body aside. Unperturbed, he stared down at the being, who looked like a mutated vampire with an expression that could be described as emotionless.

In the earlier stages, the Awakened had an overwhelming advantage against the most common of cultivators. While this man may be a newly Awakened, he was immediately promoted to level three, akin to an Anjin, or hidden energy, warrior. If they fought head-on, he might even last against Poison Scorpion.

Regrettably, his opponent was Lu Xuan. He was, therefore, smashed to death with a single slap!

While Lu Xuan was a level five mid-stage cultivator going level six, he could hold his ground against a peerless level six Master unscathed. He was almost invincible now.

Lu Xuan knew that the bigwigs were all level seven National Guardians. When one has cultivated to that extent, regular bullets and firearms could not puncture his Shield of Vigor. They might not even care what their opponents used unless a heavy arm directly bombarded them.


Lu Xuan couldn’t care enough to interrogate that Awakened. He knew that Luo Kun must have sent him.

In his past life, he was caught unprepared. The attacker wasted no time and broke both of his legs. He had implicated both of his parents, who were still in the faraway Xia City back then, ultimately leading to their deaths.

I must think of a way to uproot that Luo Kun and the Luo Family behind him. While I feel no fear towards them, them going after my parents might prove to be great trouble in the future! Lu Xuan silently thought.

However, he knew that the evolution of heaven and earth was still in its infancy. Future great powers like the Luo Family were still hiding under the radar, and they would not carelessly reveal themselves. After all, there was still a mysterious relevant authority hanging above them.

Most of the cultivators and the Awakened were but newborns. They were not powerful enough to go up against firearms, and the country still trumped everything. If they dared show any inkling of rebellion, they would be immediately be rounded up and executed.

“I should deal with this first!” Lu Xuan picked up the body and jumped out from the window. Even from a height of over 20 stories, he could easily climb down without alarming anyone.

Then, he threw the body into the river right by the neighborhood.

After he cleaned up the matter ar hand, Lu Xuan took a leisurely walk home and continued to cultivate.

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