This Earth Is A Bit Fearsome

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: The Blind Date

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A wordless and quiet night. After a whole night of cultivation, Lu Xuan had resolidified his cultivation stage.

As this was not the first time that he’s reached this stage of cultivation, he did not lack experience. However, it would be a mistake to say that it was similar to how it was in his previous life. In this life, he practiced the “Taixu Origin Power” instead, which was the strongest skill ever developed by many Celestial Lords in concert.

Every step was new, a discovery, an experience that he never undertook. The skill manual was indeed mind-blowingly powerful, and Lu Xuan felt its power first-hand. While he might have once been in the same cultivation stage in his previous life, he knew that the current him would at least be several times stronger than that of his last incarnation.

When compared to other cultivators at the same cultivation stage, he could be ten times stronger or even more. The power differential went beyond straightforward addition, like adding one to one to get two. A ten-fold difference in strength meant that he could easily defeat all who were in the same cultivation stage as him, even if they tried to overwhelm him with quantity.

In other words, if he managed to cultivate to the stage of Celestial Lord with the Taixu Origin Power, he would be quite invincible even if multiple Celestial Lords ganged up and attacked him. Alone, Lu Xuan could kill them all without a scratch on him.

No wonder people called it the Strongest Ultimate Skill in all cultivation history!

However, it would be almost impossible to replicate the abrupt growth in cultivation the night before last. It was only possible because Lu Xuan found a spirit source and devoured all of the spirit qi from it. That was how he managed to complete the transformation of his self.

No matter what, Lu Xuan was ready to take it easy. It was now time to reinforce his cultivation, and before long, he would naturally step into level six. He was, therefore, not in a hurry.

A night passed, and the discussions about various bizarre phenomena began to get heated. There was no stopping them.

Lu Xuan knew that there would only be more and more reports until it was impossible to keep them under wraps.

Lu Xuan ordered a bowl of small soup dumplings at the breakfast stall by the Residence. Unlike yesterday, he did not shove them all down quickly.

“Brother Lu! Brother Lu!”

Lu Xuan found a seat. Moments later, someone had hurriedly rushed to his side.

It was a plump boy around 16 or 17. A little baby-faced, he was still in his tacky school uniform while carrying a school bag on his back. He sat right in front of him without hesitation, eliciting a creaking groan from the chair that seemed like it was going to give way any minute from the weight.

“Why haven’t you left for class? No longer worried about being late?” Lu Xuan looked at him and smiled slightly. The boy was Lin Fang, his neighbor’s child. They had played together ever since they were young, and the younger boy followed him around wherever he went.

Later on, both families bought houses in the same area and continued to be neighbors. They were extremely close.

However, seeing him again made Lu Xuan slightly emotional. It had been years since he saw these people whom he was once close with.

“How can anyone concentrate in class? Someone in our school awakened special abilities and had ultrahuman strength. He was brought away by the army. The commotion was insane!” Lin Fang, the chubby kid, moved closer and whispered, “Have you heard? They found a body in the Li River opposite our neighborhood last night. The corpse looked nothing like a human; instead, it looked like a vampire from the legends. The army appeared soon after and collected the body!”

Lu Xuan raised his brows. While he knew that someone would discover the body sooner or later, he certainly didn’t expect it to be found this quickly.

However, he paid it little mind. Anyway, no one could trace it back to him.

“Brother Lu, many on the internet are saying that these might be signs of the second advent of the Age of Mythology. I told my parents, but they both said that I’m overthinking. I don’t think I am, though!” Lin Fang continued, “Do you think that we could also awaken special abilities overnight and become superhumans?”

“Of course! It’s possible for anyone!”

Lu Xuan nodded. He remembered that in his past life, Lin Fang, too, woke up with special abilities and became an Awakened. Thus began Lin Fang’s journey of cultivation.

Not long after, he rose again and finally started to cultivate. When he was fighting the Luo family behind Luo Kun, Lin Fang stood out without hesitation and supported him unwaveringly, and in the end, gave his life for Lu Xuan’s.

He could still remember the pain and anguish he felt back then!

Now that he had returned, he must make up for everything.

“If you ever awaken, come to me. I’ll teach you how to cultivate!”

Lu Xuan tapped Lin Fang’s shoulder and promised.

“Tch, Brother Lu, your boasts are getting more and more refreshing!”

Lin Fang brushed off Lu Xuan’s words easily and thought that he was boasting.

“Enough talk, I’ve got to get to school!”

Lin Fang grabbed a couple of meat buns, some packets of milk, and some fried dough sticks before bolting off.

“Put it on my Brother Lu’s tab!”

Lu Xuan didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. “This brat!”

After he finished, Lu Xuan paid for both their meals and returned to his room to cultivate.

The next afternoon, he finally emerged from his practice. He hopped on a taxi and made his way to Nature’s Abode.

Nature’s Abode, Private Room No. 1.

Dai Yingying sat on a redwood chair. On her side, there sat a woman in a white blouse and skirt. Her skin was paler than snow, and her features were petite and exquisite. One could almost describe her beauty as out of the world.

While Dai Yingying could also be considered a beauty and was also the goddess of many’s dreams, she seemed to lose her luster when compared to the lady by her side.

“Miaoyi, I’ve investigated this Lu Xuan. He was just an ordinary man, and he has been average from the day he was born. He is unworthy to be your match. His character is also the worst and used to tease girls when he’s in elementary school. He’s a total scumbag. There’s no need for you to go on a blind date with such a person!”

Dai Yingying berated. She could feel anger and hatred rise in her whenever she recalled the slap Lu Xuan gave her.

A shrewd iciness flashed past her orbs. She knew that it should be quite impossible for Lu Xuan to make it to the blind date.

However, that wouldn’t stop her from demeaning Lu Xuan in front of Lin Miaoyi.

No one has ever made her swallow such humiliation.

Lin Miaoyi all but gave her a slight smile, which brightened the room. “That’s all right. I just wanted to avoid them and get some fresh air. It’s just a formality!”

“Look, he has got no manners! Seeing how he made us wait, he’s not a man of proper character either!” Dai Yingying complained indignantly upon hearing Lin Miaoyi’s words.

Lin Miaoyi answered her no more. She closed her beautiful eyes and sat there unaffected, looking like a fairy in a scroll painting.

Suddenly, right at that moment, the doors of the private room swung open. A figure walked in without much care and sat in front of Lin Miaoyi.

“You…” Dai Yingying raised her head and was stunned upon seeing who was in front of her. She paled like she just saw a ghost.

Lu Xuan sneered coldly, “Why, didn’t you think that I could have made it?”

Lin Miaoyi could not help but frown slightly at their exchange. She could already sense that there must be something more between the two.

“Stop spouting nonsense, what has it got to do with me whether if you make it or not?” Dai Yingying jumped but managed to react quickly.

“Nothing to do with you? You must be the one who told your Master about me, and he sent a man to kill me. How dare you still say that it has got nothing to do with you?” Lu Xuan fixed his eyes on Dai Yingying and let out a slight smile of ridicule.

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