Unscientific Beast Taming

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Bug-Hunting Youth

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The next morning, the sun was shining brightly, and the cries of birds and green worms rose and fell.

Shi Yu woke up naturally and got out of bed in a daze. After washing up mechanically, he lay back on the bed.

“Right, I need to go out later,” he muttered.

At this time, his condition had almost recovered. He looked at the Skill Index and saw that the eight-hour cooldown had been cleared. This meant that he could use it again.

Today, he planned to try teaching Hardening. However, a levelless skill required eight hours for him to recover, so the stamina required of a low-level skill would definitely be greater.

Therefore, he planned to go out and buy some nutritional supplements to use after the skill teaching.

Whether it was summoning, recalling, using the Beast Taming Talent to strengthen the pet, or the pet’s growth in the Beast Taming Space, the Beast Tamer had to use up a certain amount of energy.

Therefore, not only did pets have all kinds of nutritious substances and medicine available for them, there were also many supplements for Beast Tamers on the market as well.

Shi Yu had just become a Beast Tamer, so he did not know much about this aspect. However, he was sure that he could buy them. After all, these medicine advertisements were everywhere.

He had studied the cooldown time of his skill index yesterday. That time should be calculated according to normal rest.

If he ate supplements or took a deep rest, the cooldown time would accelerate. This was not a completely fixed cooldown time. It was only related to his current state.

When the skill index determined that his physical condition had mostly recovered, he would then be allowed to start the next round of teaching.

In fact, it was much nicer this way. In the future, he could bring a cup with him and make some “different-dimension wolfberries”. He would also carry a box of pills for energy restoration in his pocket. It would not be impossible then for him to survive teaching the high-level and medium-level skills.

Moreover, after becoming a Beast Tamer, his physique would also continue to become stronger. The situation where teaching skills was so strenuous might only be limited to now.

In short… he had to control his pace well. Shi Yu didn’t want to have to rely on the Iron Eater to push him in a wheelchair into the arena every time he participated in a beast taming competition.

“Eleven, continue sleeping inside. I’ll let you out after I’m done shopping.”

After informing the Iron Eater through telepathy, Shi Yu resisted the temptation to go back to sleep and chose to go out.

“Oh right, I forgot to greet you.”

After Shi Yu walked out of the room into the courtyard, he suddenly thought of something and looked at the persimmon tree.

On the branch of the persimmon tree on the left, the green worm was already awake.

It was eating the leaves calmly. At this time, there was a pile of persimmon leaves before it, some half-eaten.

Shi Yu thought for a moment. These were probably pulled over by the Green Silk Worm with silk.

It was easy for it to do this after its Worm Silk proficiency had reached the necessary level.

At this moment, the green worm ignored Shi Yu and continued eating leaves while sky-gazing alone.

Why was it, an insect, locked in a birdcage?

However, from another perspective, it could also be seen as locking the birds outside the birdcage… Its safety was greatly improved.

“Speaking of which, this green worm is also a little strange…” Shi Yu muttered to himself before leaving.

Other green worms would head toward nutritious plants in pursuit of growth and evolution, but this one had no pursuit at all. It came to eat the leaves on the persimmon tree that it kept at home and stood aloof from the world.

No wonder this green silk worm was malnourished.

If not for the fact that he had used the Skill Index on the green worm and taught it how to use Worm Silk, it might not have been able to undergo a second transformation, even at the end of its lifespan.

“When I come back, I’ll pick a few more ordinary plants from the roadside to improve its food…”

He couldn’t afford the spiritual plants and fruits in the breeding bases that could promote the growth of the green caterpillars, but there were still many ordinary plants on the roadside.

As his future supplier of worm silk, he couldn’t allow it to die from malnutrition…

After reaching level 10, there was a chance for the green caterpillar to evolve.

At that time, they would wrap themselves in cocoons with silk that they spat out. The higher the proficiency of the insect silk skill, the higher the probability of them successfully evolving, and the greater the individual difference.

Therefore, as long as this green caterpillar stayed obediently in Shi Yu’s birdcage, he could completely change its fate in the future…

“It has changed a lot compared to what I remember.”

After leaving the house, Shi Yu walked along the streets of Ping Cheng and sighed again at the changes that had taken place here. Apart from the tall buildings, he also noted that there were many pedestrians on the streets.

Whether one was a Beast Tamer or not, raising a pet seemed to have become a trend in this world.

The more prosperous the beast taming culture was, the closer the relationship between humans and pets.

He saw a middle-aged man riding a four-wheeler. In front of him was a leashed Icelandic Dog that looked like a husky.

Good lord, this was really being green. It might be natural and pollution-free, but it was also a little expensive.

Besides dogs, there were also cats.

Shi Yu saw a girl chasing a Gem Cat all over the place.

If walking a dog was like riding a horse, then walking a cat was like fighting a bull. Basically, it was not a person walking it, but it walking a person.

This uncontrollable situation… was most likely because the cat owner wasn’t a beastmaster and the two parties hadn’t contracted with each other. They were probably raising the Gem Cat as a pet.

The Gem Cat looked like a ragdoll cat from Earth. It was very beautiful, and its combat power was stronger than the green caterpillar.

Similar to the green caterpillar, its evolution method was public, and its upper limit was not low.

As long as one had the rare Cat’s Eye Gem, the Gem Cat could obtain different racial abilities according to the type of gem and complete its evolution.

The better the quality of the Cat’s Eye Gem, the stronger the power of the Gem Cat. This was also a pet that used ocular skills.

Basically, Gem Cats without Cat’s Eye Gems could only be pets. Gem Cats with Cat’s Eye Gems, however, were high-quality battle pets.

Shi Yu’s gaze did not linger for long. It was an ordinary Gem Cat. There were no signs of evolution. Perhaps it was in the basic growth stage.

After all, the price of a Cat’s Eye Gem was higher than that of the Gem Cat itself.

Gems were a natural resource and were extremely rare. However, cats could reproduce continuously. As time passed, the price of Cat’s Eye Gems increased, and the price of Gem Cats decreased…

At this moment, Shi Yu was looking for the pharmacy while sensing the current atmosphere in Ping Cheng.

In the end, he came to a place four kilometers from his house called the “Great Herb Hall Pharmacy.”

The layout here was no different from that of a pharmacy on Earth. After entering, Shi Yu saw various boxes and jars of medicine in the glass cabinets. If he had to note a difference, it might be that the pharmacies in this world were for humans?and?beasts.

Due to cultural differences, even doctors who specialized in treating people would, more or less, have some ability to treat animals.

It was for no other reason than to earn more money. It was just a matter of getting an additional certificate, and one’s income would at least double.

After Shi Yu entered the pharmacy, the young doctor at the front desk asked, “Do you need anything?”

“Do you guys also buy worm silk here?”

Shi Yu then noticed a sign there. On it were various herbs that could be purchased by the pharmacy. One of them was the worm silk of the Green Silk Worm.

“Yes, but you need the worm silk spat out by the green silkworm that has been fed a specific herb. The silk has to be of high quality. We can directly buy it here after it passes the composition test.

“The medicinal herbs to be used as feed are written on the sign. You can go take a look at them.”

“Alright.” Shi Yu nodded and began reading seriously.

Depending on the food they ate, the quality of the worm silk spat out by the Green Silk Worms would also be different. For example, some garment factories required the worm silk to have various cold resistance and heat insulation abilities.

A set of clothes made of cold-resistant insect silk was very expensive. If ordinary beastmasters wanted to explore a place like the snow mountain outside of Icefield City, a set of cold-resistant clothing was essential.

As for the insect silks that the pharmacy purchased to be used in medicine, the cultivation direction naturally required the insect silk to have a specific component.

As for the so-called high-grade quality, it was roughly equivalent to requiring the proficiency of the green silk worm to reach the proficient level. If the proficiency of the silk worm reached the perfect level, the price would be several times higher.

After looking at the purchase price, Shi Yu gulped. Including his inheritance and various subsidies, and considering that he had to make payments on the loan every month, he and the iron-eating beast could only last for a year at most.

If he didn’t make a name for himself within a year, such as becoming a professional beastmaster, he would have to find a breeding base and clock in for work, but he would still be short on funds for raising his iron-eating beast.

However, if he could get the green worm’s silk to perfect quality, even taking into account the cost of food, just one worm alone would give him enough money to raise an iron-eating beast. If he opened a Green Silk Worm farm, he would be financially set.

He seemed to have really found a business opportunity here. He was the perfect insect-catching teenager.

“You’re a Beast Tamer? Are you interested in selling insect silk?”

While Shi Yu was studying the sign carefully, the young doctor had asked casually, bringing him back to reality.

“Not at the moment. Please get me two bottles of that medicine.” Shi Yu pointed to a section.

Doctor: ???



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