Unscientific Beast Taming

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: From Initial Level to Death!

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Shi Yu returned after buying the tonics.

The supplement he bought was called “Refreshing Capsule”. The raw materials seemed to be materials from several plant-type extraordinary creatures.

Just like with how the doctors from the breeding base in Icefield City treated Shi Yu effortlessly, the effects of the medicine in this world were also top-notch.

After all, the medicinal materials in his previous life were basically extracted from ordinary plants. But here, the vast majority of high-grade medicinal materials were from plant-type extraordinary creatures.

There was no need to elaborate on the effects of the stuff that grew on these extraordinary creatures. In fact, according to legend, the pollen of some fabled plant-type extraordinary creatures even had the effect of reviving the dead.

Of course, the Refreshing Capsule was only the most common type of medicine he could try, and it wasn’t that amazing either.

The effect of the Bright God Capsule, on the other hand, was very simple. It was mainly used to eliminate the symptoms of weakness in the body and strengthen the physique. It could allow the user to maintain a conscious state while weakened and be at ease and clear-headed.

It was said that the effect was very good. Many Beast Tamers liked to have one after a battle and would immediately feel full of energy.

However, one couldn’t eat too much of this either. After all, there were side effects from consuming too much medicine. Moreover, financial conditions didn’t allow Shi Yu to eat this capsule like candy.

Apart from two bottles of capsules, Shi Yu also bought some nutritious food. Only then did he dare to go home satisfied.

After returning home, Shi Yu first summoned the iron-eating beast.


After having slept, Eleven was also very energetic at the moment. It looked at Shi Yu in a refreshed manner and blinked.

It slept pretty well these few times, much better than it would at the Iron Bamboo Breeding Base. Eleven could also feel that its condition was surprisingly good. This was the miraculous effect of the Beast Taming Space.

In this mental state… Eleven felt that it could train hard for at least six hours!

Moreover, the best thing was that after its training, it could go into the Beast Taming Space to absorb more energy, which enabled it to quickly recover from its fatigue.

“Don’t be in a hurry to train. Work and rest come together, understand?”

Shi Yu sensed the iron-eating beast’s inner thoughts and raised his brows.

Didn’t this fellow know that part of the energy it absorbed from the Beast Taming Space came from him? He should think more about his Beast Tamer!

On the one hand, he had to meditate to strengthen the Beast Taming Space, and on the other, he had to use the index. Shi Yu felt very tired. It didn’t seem like it was a good thing for a Beast Tamer’s companion to be so disciplined and dedicated to training in the early stages of the game.

He had to make arrangements for absolute sleep earlier… A mature iron-eating beast would learn to deal with its own fatigue after training.


On the other side, Eleven still didn’t know what Shi Yu was thinking. When it heard about combining work with rest, it immediately shook its head. Its round head was like a rattle drum.

Working and resting were good, but it couldn’t relax too much. If it wasted too much time, it wouldn’t be able to finish the training.

Shi Yu: “…”

When I recover and teach you Absolute Sleep, you can train however you want then.

[Skill]: Hardening

[Skill Level]: Low

<Notes> It’s a metal skill that can harden the body. Its effect is like invisible armor and can be evolved into attack power.

[Status]: Can Be Taught

Shi Yu didn’t want to debate with this diligent Iron-Eating Beast right now. He planned to try out the teaching of the low-level Hardening skill first.

Yesterday, Eleven had learned the basic hardening skill. His proficiency was at the initial level.

After its practice, it could already use its hardening ability to cover its fists, feet, claws, and teeth, but it could only equip one part at a time.

If the skill was maintained for a long period, it would fluctuate according to the area it covered, but it would only last for a few seconds at most. Moreover, after attacking with a hard part, the hardening ability would immediately disappear.

As expected of the “initial” proficiency.

Only the hardness was commendable. After reaching the level of “demolishing a house”, it should be no problem for it to clash with rocks.

“Eleven! Look here…”

When Shi Yu shouted for his pet, the little Iron-Eating Beast raised its head and looked over.

“Index, improve skill!”

A white halo spread over Shi Yu’s right hand and flickered weakly. He reached out and touched Eleven’s head.

Push, squeeze, rub!

The white light also attracted the attention of the Green Silk Worm in the birdcage. Under the silk worm’s gaze and Eleven’s confused expression, the light quickly flowed from Shi Yu’s hand to the panda, causing its body to flicker with a weak white light.


At this moment, with his brain buzzing, Shi Yu felt like he had not eaten for days, his condition being very poor.

However, it wasn’t as scary as directly fainting, he thought. The difference in consumption between the worm silk and hardening wasn’t ridiculously large.

Taking advantage of the time while Eleven was raising the skill proficiency, Shi Yu took out a Bright God Capsule and swallowed it. A few seconds later, the effect was immediate. Although his condition was still poor, Shi Yu immediately felt that he could do it again.

“Eleven, use hardening.”

After helping himself, he looked at the little Iron-Eating Beast with an extremely shocked expression.

Like with the Green Silk Worm yesterday, Eleven had experienced a similar situation just now. It was as if it had used hardening countless times unconsciously, and its proficiency had greatly increased.

In addition, its physical fitness and energy had been slightly improved, as if it was about to undergo the next awakening transformation.


Under his Beast Tamer’s command, Eleven tried to use the hardening ability. This time, a metallic luster quickly spread from its sharp claws to its whole body!

In just a few seconds, every part of the small metal-eating beast’s body was actually covered by hardening, turning it into an armed panda!

From the luster, the hardness seemed to have also increased.

Not only was Eleven shocked by this change, but even Shi Yu was surprised.

“Can you still move now?” Shi Yu hurriedly asked.

Eleven shook its head with difficulty and then exited the hardening state. There was still some excitement on its face.

It didn’t understand why it had suddenly become so powerful.

What had its master done?

At that moment, Shi Yu fell into deep thought…

If the sign of initial-level proficiency in the Hardening skill was partial hardening, then the sign of proficiency level was hardening the whole body, except that it was very difficult to move under this hardened state.

However, it wasn’t a big problem. This still meant that the hardening ability of the Iron-Eating Beast had been greatly improved. After all, very few situations required full-body armor. At the current proficient level of hardening, it could completely achieve multiple partial hardenings!

In this way, the proficiency-level ability would be considered having the basic effect of both attack and defense, and there was no need to worry about it affecting agility.

“It’s the same as when I taught the Green Silk Worm previously. I only need to teach it once to let it reach proficiency level…”

The sign of proficient level hardening was that it would be fully “armed” and could still move freely. The Iron-Eating Beast clearly hadn’t reached that level yet.

But even so, Shi Yu had also experienced the power of the Skill Index.

After all, according to the basic beast-raising manual provided by the Iron Bamboo Breeding Base, even if ordinary Iron-Eating Beasts had the support of Beast Tamers, along with enough nutritional supplements and sufficient training time, they would still need to train hard for at least a month to reach proficiency level.

As for the Iron-Eating Beasts without resources, they might be trained for a year with no improvements. Their hardening abilities would never reach the proficient level. After all, apart from eating with hardened teeth, they would rarely ever need to use this ability.

“With this, Eleven’s battle power… will probably double.

“It must have been shocked too.”

Shi Yu looked at the Little Metal-Eating Beast with anticipation, waiting for its worshipful gaze.

“How is it? Are you still in a hurry to train?

“Do you know how awesome I am now?”

Eleven was undoubtedly surprised that its ability had improved, but when it heard Shi Yu’s questions, it immediately became confused.

Iron-Eating Beast: (*+ ¥+*~

This, this, this… Why did its hardening ability increase so much without it doing anything?

What exactly did its Beast Tamer do…?

This didn’t make sense. The proficiency upgrade made it too uneasy.

Shi Yu: “?”

Then, should I take it back?

This is more than half of my stamina.

Iron-Eating Beast: d(?д??)!



Eleven shook its head fiercely.?Don’t take it, don’t take it, just leave it here.

This advance in proficiency didn’t match the belief in its mind that ‘hard work was equivalent to gain’, but it could still make up for it with extra effort!

In order to punish itself for not working hard today, it needed to undergo intense training 24 hours a day and not sleep at night!

“…” Shi Yu was really speechless.

This Iron-Eating Beast refreshed Shi Yu’s understanding of self-discipline.

He had never seen such a self-disciplined beast.

After cheating, it could still make up for it with hard work?

“If I were half as self-disciplined with the author dream I pursued in my previous life, I would have become a great writer.” Shi Yu’s stomach hurt.

Control yourself, beast! Twenty-four hours of high-intensity training, that wouldn’t be from initial level to proficient. It would be from initial level to death!


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