Unscientific Beast Taming

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Three Skills

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At the pet breeding base of Icefield City.

At night.

A figure walked out of the dormitory building and went straight to the infirmary.

In the pet breeding base, it was common for wild pets to fight, and occasionally, the breeder would be accidentally injured.

Therefore, most regular pet breeding bases would be equipped with an infirmary.

The infirmary here was not particular about the treatment target. The injuries of humans and pets could be treated, and the treatment method was very simple… In the era of beasts, of course, the healing abilities of pets had to be used.

After quickly arriving at the infirmary, Shi Yu saw the doctor on duty sitting on a chair handling documents.

“What’s wrong?” She had looked up when she saw someone coming.

“Doctor, I think I sprained my wrist. I’m worried that it will affect my work tomorrow…”

Shi Yu walked forward and extended his hand. His slightly swollen hand was still trembling.

“Let me take a look.” The female doctor was expressionless as she glanced at Shi Yu’s wrist.

Through his clothes, she could tell that Shi Yu was an intern breeder here, a student who had just graduated from school.

Usually, this kind of employee loved to get into trouble, but she was already used to it.

“Let me give you a simple treatment,” she muttered.

In the next second, Shi Yu felt the temperature around him plummet as a gust of wind appeared out of thin air.


A breeze blew, and the curtains in the room fluttered.

At the same time, as the female doctor muttered, a huge white-green array formation that flickered with countless light spots appeared in midair, facing Shi Yu.

Then, the formation rippled like water, and a white dandelion floated out.

The white dandelion was bigger than Shi Yu’s palm and had no roots. After being summoned by the female doctor, it landed on the back of his hand.

“It’ll be done soon,” she said.

As soon as she finished speaking, the white dandelion shone with a faint white light that enveloped the back of Shi Yu’s hand.

In an instant, Shi Yu felt that he had been cured under the light.

It was true that he had twisted his hand, but it was not that serious. He had done it on the road. Previously, the pain was still a little, but now, it was completely gone.

Shi Yu was amazed.

No wonder the intern said that the infirmary in the breeding base was very impressive. It was indeed impressive.

The existence of transcendent creatures was not bad at all for humans. They could be of great help in areas like medical treatment.

After the treatment, the white dandelion floated up from Shi Yu’s hand.

At the same time, in Shi Yu’s mind, the third page of the illustrated stone handbook flipped open.

The image of the plant pet Dandelion appeared.

[Skill]: High-Speed Healing

[Skill Level]: Intermediate

<Notes> Wood-type healing ability. It can accelerate the healing speed of ordinary injuries.

[Status]: No Target Set

What was successfully recorded and replicated this time was an extremely rare healing ability. Its value and utility were extremely high!

Not only did the Dandelion use its skill, but it also made contact with Shi Yu. It was just as Shi Yu had expected.

The doctors in the infirmary of the breeding base were all Beast Tamers and had contracted with rare healing-type pets. Previously, other employees had come here to receive treatment because of accidental injuries, so Shi Yu quickly thought of this method to try to replicate healing-type skills.

However, Shi Yu felt that he was still too impatient. There were still three months left for the internship. There would be other opportunities in the future. There was no need to be so rash.

“It should be fine now, right?” The female doctor looked at Shi Yu after recalling her pet. “Also, you’re making too much of a fuss. Bai Puying said it was just a minor injury.”

At that time, Shi Yu’s rich expression made her think that it was a serious injury… In reality, if she did not treat him, Shi Yu’s body would have healed itself.

However, it was worth affirming that he had found a doctor the minute his body was injured, and the doctor noticed this.

She had seen many Beast Tamers and pet beasts who didn’t pay attention to minor injuries. As minor injuries accumulated, they would eventually become serious problems.

Shi Yu was speechless.

Sorry, he had already gone through a lot of mental struggle to create this small injury.

Shi Yu quickly nodded and thanked her, “I’ll be careful next time. Thank you.”

At the same time, he felt quite embarrassed. After all, he had delayed someone else’s work. He should buy some snacks that plant pets liked tomorrow to thank her…

Using healing abilities to heal injuries was the treatment method of the pet breeding base’s infirmary.

Even if it was a small wound, the doctors here liked to treat it with pets. The reason was simple. With many treatments, it could increase the proficiency of the pets’ skills.

Learning a skill did not mean that one could use it proficiently. Often, one needed to practice many times to transform the skill into one’s own.

Therefore, the ability of repeating the same skills in the Skill Guide to increase proficiency was actually a bug. It was equivalent to accelerating the training efficiency of the pet.


Through the infirmary of the breeding base, Shi Yu had successfully obtained a rare healing skill. He was in a good mood.

After returning to the dormitory from the infirmary, Shi Yu washed up and lay down.

Before going to bed, he began to look forward to the day he became a Beast Tamer.

After becoming a Beast Tamer, there would be more paths to choose from.

This was especially true if one could pass the professional Beast Tamer examination. Other than fulfilling a small portion of their obligations, they wouldn’t have to do anything else. The Beast Tamer Association would also pay them monthly, and it was also a huge leap in their class.

“The Beast Tamer who just contracted with a pet beast is an Apprentice Beast Tamer.

“Trainee Beast Tamers and initial pets can participate in the Beast Tamer Association’s unified assessment after their abilities reach a certain level.

“If you pass the assessment, you will officially become a professional Beast Tamer.”

Shi Yu muttered softly. He did not know how long it would take for him to become an official trainee with the skill index…

With the index, he should have a great advantage in training pets.

Eighteen years old was the best age to become a Beast Tamer.

As he thought about it, Shi Yu fell asleep.

After transmigrating, it had only taken Shi Yu a day to adapt to the new world.

Currently, he had already confirmed his next target.

The next morning, Shi Yu woke up early to start a new day of work.

Moreover, he took the time to buy a thank-you gift for the auntie who helped him treat his injury yesterday.

After adjusting his mentality and suppressing the urge to become a Beast Tamer as soon as possible, Shi Yu began to slowly integrate into this world.

In the blink of an eye, three months later, the internship period was about to end, and Shi Yu could finally go and get his pet.

With the convenience of his work, he successfully copied and recorded two more skills.

The first one was the middle-rank skill, “Super Vision”. It came from a pet of the wind family, which was of a high-level transcendent species. It was the Greenback Eagle, which was the group of pets patrolling in the sky of the breeding base.

Super Vision, as the name suggested, was a skill used to enhance vision.

Eagles already had good eyesight, and creatures who had awakened super-vision skills had even better eyesight. Not only could they see through ordinary illusions with night vision and far vision, but their opponents’ movements would also be several times slower in their eyes.

Although it didn’t seem like it could be used directly, the upper limit was very high, and its uses were extensive. The pets that relied on their eyesight for reconnaissance and patrolling in the cities would basically have super-vision skills.

Unfortunately, there was still a gap between this and Shi Yu’s ideal perception skill that could enhance the five senses to their limits… If it wasn’t because he couldn’t find it, who would be willing to make do with just this Super Vision?

However, this skill was not bad. If the iron-eating beast could learn this, its combat awareness would definitely increase by more than half.

The second was the advanced skill, Absolute Sleep.

It came from a pet of a high-level transcendent race, the Sleeping Demon.

Sleeping Demons were undead pets with only two racial skills: Hypnosis Wave and Absolute Sleep.

Obviously, this Sleeping Demon was also a pet of a certain tamer.

The other party often used the Sleeping Demon’s Hypnosis Wave to make some pet cubs sleep soundly. It was a very good support skill.

As for Absolute Sleep, it was a skill used on oneself. After using it, one could enter a deep sleep state and recover their physical strength at a high speed. It was a recovery-type skill.

Very few pets could master the Absolute Sleep skill, but the Iron Eater should be able to, right?

Shi Yu had replicated this skill because he wanted to be self-sufficient in the future…

After becoming a Beast Tamer, if he wanted his pet to grow quickly, he would definitely have to train it.

However, training would consume the pet’s physical strength. The pet would also be tired and need to rest.

Under normal circumstances, Beast Tamers could summon their pets back to the Beast-Taming Space to speed up their physical recovery. However, with this way, Beast Tamers would also consume a lot of energy.

Those who were rich could naturally buy some nutritional supplements. However, Shi Yu was different.

He thought that if his pet beast could learn “Absolute Sleep”, it would be able to recover its stamina at a high speed… It would save money and energy. Anyway, the iron-eating beast loved to sleep, so it could sleep anywhere.

If Shi Yu was injured during training, he would have to go to the hospital and buy medicine, but if he taught his pet the healing skill “High-Speed Healing”, it could heal itself.

This way, he could save a lot of money…

He was indeed a genius.

Of course, Shi Yu, who copied these skills, was definitely not trying to slack off… It was purely a forced habit due to life circumstances.

He believed that the iron-eating beast he had yet to meet would understand him. Their family was too poor.

Shi Yu had spent a lot of effort to copy both skills, and he had to?secretly?learn High-Speed Healing.

However, why only two? It was because after the index recorded five skills, it seemed to have reached its limit.

This made Shi Yu depressed.

Although he guessed that there would be an upper limit, five in the beginning was too little.

Fortunately, he hadn’t been in a hurry to replicate low-level skills. Otherwise, he would have suffered a huge loss.

Currently, the upper limit of the skill guide was five skills…

If he wanted to add new pages, Shi Yu guessed that he would have to raise his Beast Tamer level, just like how he had to develop some special Beast Taming talents.

It was actually very simple for Beast Tamers to improve their abilities.

It was to constantly strengthen, modify, and expand their Beast-Taming Space through meditation.

The?stronger?the Beast-Taming Space, the higher the level of the pet that could be contracted, and the greater its restriction on the pet.

The?better the environment?in the Beast-Taming Space, the faster the growth of the pet.

The?larger?the Beast Space, the more pets a Beast Tamer could contract with.

Beast Tamers could choose to develop the Beast-Taming Space according to their own needs. Not all three routes needed to be perfected.

As the Beast Space leveled up, the accompanying special Beast Taming Talent would also be strengthened.



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