Unscientific Beast Taming

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Iron Bamboo Breeding Base

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Three months of internship passed in the blink of an eye.

In the pet breeding base of Icefield City, in the dormitory of the intern breeders, most of the interns were packing their luggage.

The internship experience during this period of time had made these interns gain a lot. However, it was time to leave. Compared to being reluctant, many people were more looking forward to it.

For example, Shi Yu. He was looking forward to it because after his internship ended and he obtained his certificate, he could finally go do the things he wanted!

During his internship, Shi Yu belonged to the type of employee who was more down-to-earth and hardworking. He had completed his work very well.

Other interns would play cards in twos or threes when they were free, but Shi Yu was different.

For the time being, he was acting out his predecessor’s reclusive character and rarely interacted with others.

Of course, Shi Yu was not stifled. He could not be bothered to communicate with his fellow interns because there was something more important.

Compared to communicating with people, he preferred to talk to pets and cultivate bonds.

Not only could he train his telepathy talent, but he could also find an opportunity to secretly learn skills!

If it weren’t for the fact that the skill index had a recording limit, he felt that he would have copied dozens of skills already.

Shi Yu discovered that his telepathy and the Skill Index worked better together.

In the future, if they encountered powerful supernatural creatures, it seemed like a good combination to use telepathy to cozy up to them and use the skill guide to fleece them…

Mmm… In short, he hadn’t wasted these three months.

After successfully obtaining the internship certificate, Shi Yu left happily.

Although there would be no convenient place for him to copy skills in the future, he could finally personally contract with pets and use the skill guide. He was still quite excited.

The more he understood this world, the more he realized that there was no future here if he didn’t become a Beast Tamer.

For the sake of his future standard of living, he set a small goal. He would become a professional Beast Tamer within a year.

The morning sun shone on Shi Yu through the thin clouds.

After walking out of the pet breeding base in Icefield City, Shi Yu, who was carrying a backpack, turned around and took one last look.

Logically speaking, this was also a place that sold pet cubs, and there were even many types…

However, Shi Yu, who had interned here before, knew that the pet cubs here were overly expensive…

Of course, this was not the pet base’s problem. It was his problem.

Therefore, it was better to stay in the suburbs.

Although there were fewer pets, at least the locals had preferential policies.

Shi Yu’s current city was called Icefield City. His school and internship location were both in this city. In the country, it was considered a second-tier city, and there were more than a hundred second-tier cities like it.

The city itself was actually quite developed. After all, there were only nine Tier 1 cities that could crush Icefield City.

It was the same everywhere. The more developed a place was, the more expensive it was to live there. Therefore, Shi Yu could only go to the lower end for the time being.

He was born in a suburb under Icefield City called Ping Cheng District, and although it was in the suburbs, after reconstruction, its beast-taming industry had become relatively developed.

In addition, in order to support the local beast-taming industry, the locals had a discount when registering as Beast Tamers and buying pets. His predecessor had taken advantage of an event to quickly pay the deposit for the Iron Eater cub.

Right now, it should be time to collect his future pet.

After the internship ended, Shi Yu returned to his school to complete the procedures. After obtaining all the certificates, he returned to Ping Cheng District.

Ten years ago, the district had been attacked by a beast tide, and many families were destroyed, Shi Yu’s family among them.

However, after such a long time, order had been restored here.

A lot had changed in the past 10 years. Ping Cheng District, which did not have any defensive facilities before, had already built high walls and stationed branches of the Beast Tamer Association and the Beast Tamer Troops.

Although Ping Cheng wasn’t as prosperous as other areas, it wasn’t particularly backward either. At the very least, traffic and communications were passable. It was just that its entertainment sector was lagging behind.

In the downtown area of Icefield City, there were all kinds of beast competitions.

However, in Ping Cheng, beast taming competitions were much rarer.

When he finally returned to Ping Cheng, Shi Yu’s first goal was not to go home. Instead, his destination was very clear. It was one of the three major breeding bases in Ping Cheng, the Iron Bamboo Breeding Base.

He had done all the procedures before he came back so that he could get a pet as soon as possible.

He could not wait any longer.

There were three pet breeding bases in Ping Cheng.

All three of them were established by the government, but there were very few types of pets available. The highest level of pet species in them was only mid-level transcendent, which was incomparable to the official pet breeding base in Icefield City.

The Iron Bamboo Breeding Base that Shi Yu was going to was a family-run one.

It was located in the dense forest of Iron Bamboo at the back of the mountain in Ping Cheng District, and around eight hundred Iron Eaters were being raised there.

Iron-eating beasts were considered special pets in Ping Cheng and even in the country. In the entire country, the number of artificially raised iron-eating beasts might not exceed 5,000.

It was even more so in other countries.

It was worth mentioning that since this world was different from Earth, most regions were occupied by supernatural creatures. The humans only had seven countries where they lived.

The country Shi Yu was currently in was known by other countries as the Radiant Ancient Country of the East, one of the oldest countries. It was shortened to Dong Huang, meaning East Radiance.

Soon, Shi Yu took the bus to the mountain behind Ping Cheng District, with the intention to climb it.

A flat path was built on the mountain. In addition to being a breeding base, it was also open to tourists at certain times.

However, it didn’t seem to be an open day currently. The surroundings were cold and quiet.

After taking a few steps, Shi Yu arrived at the guardhouse of the Iron Bamboo Breeding Base. This was the only passage, and the surroundings had been sealed off. Shi Yu saw the pavilion nearby and walked over.

By the window of the pavilion house, an old man in a green coat with sparse hair was reading the newspaper. When he noticed someone approaching, he pushed up his reading glasses and tried to see who it was.

Shi Yu was speechless.

Was this guard for real?

Forget it, I can’t judge a book by its cover…

Perhaps this seemingly unreliable person could casually summon a giant dragon.

“Hello, I previously reserved a young iron-eating beast here. I’m planning to go through the procedures soon, so I wanted to come over today to take a look,” Shi Yu shouted, afraid that this guy could not hear him clearly.

“Oh.” Although he looked out of place, he was not an idiot.

Upon hearing Shi Yu’s words, he instantly understood.

“Wait a minute, I’ll inform the breeder inside to come over,” the guard replied and then dialed the landline on the table.

After he explained the situation over the phone, Shi Yu only had to wait for a bit.

A two-meter-tall plump figure with an appearance between black-and-white walked out of the breeding area. His upper body was round, but the lower part was short.

Shi Yu looked at the fellow who was walking over and fell into deep thought.

Following that, this fellow, who looked like a giant panda no matter how one looked at him, opened the door from the inside and came in front of Shi Yu.

He pointed at the sign on his chest.

It said,?Staff.

“Hello.” It/he/she rubbed its bear paws as it spoke in a low, indistinguishable voice.

Shi Yu: “?”

Can’t they send some of their normal employees over?

“There’s no need to be surprised. This is just an Iron Orc costume,” the staff member said.

It’s because you’re wearing a costume that I’m surprised! Who would wear that on such a hot day?!

“I am a staff member here, Lin Xiuzhu.”

“I’m Shi Yu,” he said. “But don’t you feel hot wearing that?”

“There’s no other way. This is all to better understand the mood of the iron-eating beasts,” Lin Xiuzhu said. “If you want the iron-eating beasts to trust you, you must understand them well. This is the most basic skill of a breeder.”

Shi Yu: “That makes sense.”

Trust, your ass.

Whatever you say.

As long as you’re happy.

“I remember that in the information, Mister Shi Yu, you’re also a graduate of the breeding specialization program, right? No wonder you can understand me.”

There shouldn’t be many people who had reserved iron-eating beasts recently, but this person actually knew Shi Yu’s information through his name.

“Yes, but I’m still a newcomer. Far from you, Senior Lin.”

Although the name was very masculine, Shi Yu could still tell that the other party’s voice was that of a girl. He also deduced that the other party was also a graduate of the breeding specialization program.

Using the word “Senior” immediately pulled them closer. He hoped that there would be a discount later.

Lin Xiuzhu: “You flatter me. Anyone can try this method. After you receive your pet, I can sell you two sets of puppet suits at a partial discount.”

Shi Yu: “?”

There was a discount, but not a full one.

Are you a business genius?

No, thanks!

Shi Yu did not say it out loud for the time being. He would reject it after he had chosen his pet…

It was one thing to sell food as an add-on, but to sell cosplay clothes as well?

Next, this staff member named Lin Xiuzhu brought Shi Yu into the pavilion.

She then started to take off her costume.

At this moment, Shi Yu finally saw what the person looked like.

Without the puppet outfit, she looked like a mature woman around twenty-four or twenty-five years old.

She had delicate features, a tall figure, and beautiful black hair. However, because she was wearing a puppet suit just now, her hair was a little messy.

However, she did not seem to mind. Her expression was very casual.

Shi Yu really wanted to ask her how much she liked pandas.

That was because the clothes under the costume were still panda themed.

She had on a pair of white shorts with black spots, a loose but slightly bulging black and white sweater, and a hat with panda ears.

Are you going to sell me a set of these clothes later?

She took a deep breath and said to Shi Yu, “Let’s register first. Oh right, have you brought all the materials?”

The procedures to purchase and collect pets from the breeding base were quite troublesome.

Not to mention that Shi Yu wanted to borrow money to buy his pet.

The breeding base had to obtain all the certification materials.

This trip would take a long time.

Fortunately, Shi Yu had already applied for all the necessary documents when he was in Icefield City, so the materials should be quite complete now.


Next, Shi Yu registered with Lin Xiuzhu’s help, and the two of them verified the relevant materials.

After the verification, Lin Xiuzhu nodded and said, “Then you should be able to collect the pet today.”

“I can do it today? Then, can I choose now?” Shi Yu was very surprised.

The previous deposit did not specify which beast he had to take.

Therefore, it was up to the Beast Tamer to decide which iron-eating beast cub to choose. The affinity between both parties was very important.

Lin Xiuzhu shook her head and said, “You’re too late. If you had come earlier, you might have been able to choose.

“The current situation is like this — in this batch of iron-eating beasts, only one is left. Besides that, there’s also something wrong with that one’s physique and personality…”

“…” Shi Yu was stunned.?What’s going on? This development…


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